Call of Duty Ghosts on Wii U: No Release Makes More Sense For Activision

Techtorial: Here are several reasons why it makes more sense for Activision to skip Wii U for Call of Duty: Ghosts this year.

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DA_SHREDDER1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Im getting the WiiU version so I can play on my gamepad when someone takes over my tv. Which happens alot despite having multiple consoles in the house. Plus gaming on the Gamepad is just plain ol cool as hell. Considering Activision makes a billion dollars a year on the series, why would they be so stingy to only put it on certain consoles? So don't put it on other consoles because they are greedy? lol, whatever

AJBACK2FRAG1996d ago

Where is everybody? Black Ops 2 is great on the Wii U. Great armory. Sick maps etc. There barely anybody playing it! That's insane. I remember playing BO's on the Wii and there would be ninety thousand players online! eighty percent with mics! Laughing and joking! If I was Activision I'd never release another Call of duty on a Nintendo console again and people on Miiverse are like, "Where's the dlc?". What a catastrophe. Are Wii U gamers sick of Call of Duty? I love the series but is it that stale? What's going on?

deafdani1996d ago

It's because the Wii, as of now, has an install base of almost 100 million users, whereas the Wii U's playerbase is merely about 3 million and half.

Simple math, really.

WeAreLegion1996d ago

Why do that when you can play the PS4 version on Vita? Better graphics. Play it anywhere. Better online.

Realplaya1996d ago

You seen it running on the ps4 and played it?

WeAreLegion1996d ago

That's usually a good question, but it doesn't work here. We are already fully aware that the PS4 is significantly more powerful than the Wii U AND that the online infrastructure will be much better. Even if they don't change a single thing from the PS3's infrastructure, it will be better. I like my Wii U, but why would I buy a multi-plat on it? That doesn't make any sense.

ThaBlackBaron1996d ago

WHY IS THIS EVEN AB ARTICLE !!?!? Like seriously???

LOL_WUT1996d ago

Why are you yelling? CALM DOWN!! ;)

gamer421996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

hey I have a question, why do you always end your comments with a ";)"? honestly it creeps me out, or is that the point?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1996d ago

From the article,

"There’s also a rumor that Zelda and Mario 3D – the only two exclusive titles made by Nintendo for Wii U – may even take a longer time to develop making other publishers think twice on considering if the platform is even deserving for their titles."

The only two exclusives titles made by Nintendo are Zelda and Mario 3D? Surely, that is a result of bad editing. The only?

>Fire Emblem, Metroid, Mario Kart, Star Fox, SSB, Pikmin, Fatal Frame, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade, Donkey Kong...
Plus, Dragon Quest X, Monster Hunters, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, and what ever else is in the work... like collabs such as SMT x Fire Emblem.

The writer is entitled to his opinion- but it sounds like he is suffering from Haterade breath.

If Activision ever hopes for WiiU to be profitable they have to invest in it just like Ubisoft is doing-
Just like every company that is making games for PS4 and 720 are doing, investing (and gambling).

weekev151995d ago

dont forget the casual titles, kirby, yoshi, wii party, wii fit, wii sports.

Article is a fail, COD will come out for WiiU, it wont sell as well as the other 2(4 if you include next gen) because cod fanboys like to play together.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1995d ago


Thanks, I drew a blank but I got lost on all of the Different Game play Mario Titles and I did not know if I should list them because that would open up a new argument.

2D Mario, Mario Golf & Tennis, Paper Mario, Paper Mario RPG... Totally different types of gameplay- could be New IPs if it were necessary.

quantae061996d ago

I'm buying the Wii U version of Call Of Duty Ghosts.

Khordchange1996d ago

Is this article seriously telling a dev to not make a game for a system? Are you serious right now?