Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Wii U Hacked, Xbox Naming, Watch Dogs PS4 Dev Diary!

Hey guys! Plenty of stuff happened this week, so it’ll be a long read, but you can skip bits you’re not interested in if you like!

So what happened this week apart from what I’ve said in the title? Well Rockstar are having a competition for your face to be in GTA V, Watch_Dogs gets a release date, Xbox may be called Xbox Fusion and I’ll continue below.

konnerbllb3864d ago

Who said xbox was named? They registered a few domains. That's hardly them naming a product.

DeadlyFire3864d ago

Its likely just a new service. TV + gaming = fusion?

SkyGamer3864d ago

AMD's new platform is called Fusion.

o-Sunny-o3864d ago

Fusion what? Fusing prices for Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu Plus. Instead of paying twice for an service maybe they fix it next gen...


Rockstar Announcing GTA 6's Trailer Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Tweet Of All Time

The GTA 6 trailer date announcement has sent shockwaves across the industry, even making other companies follow its format.

RaidenBlack1h ago

"And The GTA 6 Leak Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Social Post Of All Time"

Stuart57561h ago

No leak will spoil the hype or anticipation, tomorrow can't come soon enough

Profchaos46m ago

Saw the leak and it was disappointingly compressed and ugly definitely not worth the kid dragging his father's name through the mud over. not that anything would be.

poppatron1h ago

Oh man… I’m absolutely jazzed for this

BrainSyphoned1h ago

Xbox tax. It obviously is Starfield that holds that honor and GTA6 only got close because of Game Pass rumors.

Profchaos48m ago

Unsurprisingly Rockstar has a history of doing this gta iv's reveal trailer was so popular it broke the internet or pretty much every single gaming related site out there I remember I couldn't see it until the next day and that after spending hours trying (if you're old like me you'd remember this was in the pre YouTube era)

Thankfully we live in the modern era where YouTube is fault tolerance tested and meant to handle the tsunami that will be everyone and jack Thompson checking out Rockstar's latest offering

Redgrave27m ago

Do you guys think this will be the first GTA to feature dynamic weather? Like tropical storms and such.

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Ex-Rockstar Dev Sheds Light on Long Lost Game Agent's Development Troubles

Former Rockstar Games technical director Obbe Vermeij has shed light on the developer's long lost spy thriller Agent, which was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2009 but has since disappeared.

Christopher11d ago

I know it's just one person's words, but love to see a game someone paid you to develop being called a 'distraction'.

isarai11d ago

Yeah, like I get that they want to prioritize their baby GTA but still, you're getting paid to do it.

Profchaos11d ago

I think that it's tied up in internal politics given that GTA 4 was being developed alongside it Rockstar knew where it's money was coming from and Jimmy took resources away from GTA which is probably why it was considered a distraction also reading his blog more it seems that a huge chunk of the team was burnt out in GTA in general by the time Sam Andreas shipped so Jimmy presented a more traditional level based game using different rendering techniques and tools something new that everyone wanted to work on rather than another GTA

OtterX11d ago

It's a real shame, I would have liked to see how Rockstar would have pulled off a "Bond" game, with their own twists and pedigree of polish.

porkChop11d ago

Sony didn't pay them to develop it. Sony abandoned LA Noire after spending $20M funding it. When Rockstar decided to publish the game Sony wanted their money back. Instead of paying out $20M (or possibly go to court) they agreed on an exclusive game instead.

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-Foxtrot11d ago

He calls it a distraction but I always assumed they were the ones who went to Sony and made the deal because they wanted L.A Noire to be multiplatform and moved Sony's deal with L.A Noire to something else.

Kind of their way of going "would you rather have a game developed by a studio outside Rockstar or a game made from us directly".

Profchaos11d ago

His blog is really fascinating an actual peak behind the curtain of Rockstar back in the day these guys are probably the most secretive development studio in existence

TheColbertinator10d ago

We all knew it was scrapped but the idea alone blew my mind. I had full confidence Rockstar could make Agent a great game.

RhinoGamer8810d ago

Rockstar leadership...the egos...must have been a huge challenge. Having worked in the games industry, I have to say it is exhausting constantly having to prove your point/position. Everyone on the team has a strong (I know best) opinion, and if are in leadership and don't abide them...look out. Now imagine managing the egos/dictates of the Houser bros!


GTA 6’s biggest competition? GTA 5 with mods

GTA 6 looks like it's just over the horizon, and it looks like there's going to be only one game that can compete with it - GTA 5 with mods.

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