Team ICO's history and what's taking Last Guardian so long

For many, one of the most anticipated Playstation title (and one of the reasons some bought a PS3 in the first place) has been the upcoming Team ICO game, The Last Guardian.

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o-Sunny-o1991d ago

I will cry on the opening even if its not sad. It's just because the game will finally be in my hands. T-T

Cam9771991d ago

I wonder if it's made the transition from PS3 to PS4...?

darthv721991d ago

It would not surprise me if this game ends up a launch title for PS4. in fact there have been several games that have been revealed early on in the dev stage only to go quietly into a transition phase that would result in their release on the next generation of platforms.

Just a couple of examples would be Kameo on the 360 started out for the xbox. Where as Shenmue for DC began life on the saturn. im sure there are many more but just because they start out on one platform but end up coming out on the next does not mean that is a bad thing.

The more time they take with the game the better. IF it comes to the PS3 then it will certainly be something to behold. IF it comes out for the PS4 instead, it will make one hell of a launch title.

IRetrouk1991d ago

Your right, ico and the getaway both started out on ps1 as well, really wouldnt suprise me to see that tlg has changed platforms

isarai1990d ago

On one hand it would make sense and seeing as how ICO went from PS1 to PS2 it's even more probable. BUT seeing as how the reason for the massive delays in TLG were caused by "Technical Issues" it seems like trying to port it or remake it for a new generation would cause even more issues than it's worth(financially)

I for one couldn't care less whether it's on the PS3 or PS4 i just want it in my hands and on my TV

MontyQ1991d ago

well never be on ps3 it well be ps4 only title in the end I bet

JackVagina1991d ago

I remember reading ages ago somewhere, that the game was almost finished but they stuffed up the coding and had to basically restart

isarai1990d ago

Yup which is why i think it would cause even more problems to try and redo/port the game to a new console now. But who knows, maybe the easier to develop for PS4 architecture will make it viable

R_aVe_N1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I think the PS3 just could not handle the game in the end, Team ICO had really big plans for The Last Guardian. The artistic styling of the game causes more problems than anything. When you have your art in such detail you don't want to cut it back because it degrades your vision. Would I have liked to seen they game release on the PS3 hellz yeah, but I don't think it was possible. Sure games like Uncharted released on the PS3 but they were in no way in the artistic style of The Last Guardian. Sometimes you make big plans that just don't pan out, and you seriously have to step back and take a look at the big picture. Would you want to release a game that would not hold up to your personal goals set? I know I wouldn't but if it does not release on the PS4 all that money will be wasted.

As it sits now I am not sure I would want to buy it. When you have such a long development cycle that is very worring to people. Games that tend to have these huge dev cycles don't really turn out to be the best in the end.

colonel1791991d ago

Also, just the animation of the beast was impressive. My guess is that since development of the PS4 started in 2008 and the game was announced in 2009, after all development issues they had, they decided to do it on the PS4.

Either we will see it again this year or at the most next year.

Roper3161991d ago

I agree and was thinking along the same lines. I feel the PS3 just didn't have enough memory to run this game the way the developer wanted. I think the game switched over to the PS4 a year or so ago and Sony just couldn't say anything about it until the PS4 wa announced.

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