Battlefield 4 beta access details clarified

News has already been been handed down that gamers with a “Battlefield 3” premium membership will be getting access to the “Battlefield 4” beta. This has left fans now inquiring about how to get their beta code. The developer today reassured players that “Battlefield 3” premium members will indeed be sent a beta code for “Battlefield 4” once the beta has actually begun. They went on to state the following, "You won't be receiving a code or beta access until the beta has been released! Don't worry, you won't be left out!"

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UnholyLight1992d ago

Definitely looking forward to the Beta and Battlefield 4!! I loved Battlefield 3 and I expect that Battlefield 4 will continue to impress and bring it's A game in the FPS genre.

malokevi1991d ago

DICE always delivers. Battlefield 4 will be Battlefield 3 on crack... and thats OK with me.

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Majin-vegeta1992d ago

This has been known for awhile...

HarryB1992d ago

Because if people tried out a cod game before launch they won't buy it. Bad company 2 had a beta when mw2 came out and it was a ps3 exclusive. And as sucessful as mw2 was more people on ps3 played bad company 2 beta than mw2. Having a beta is risky. Cod games have major patches weeks after a game comes out because of their flaws and failure to test them properly.

famoussasjohn1992d ago

Bad Company 2 beta wasn't PS3 exclusive. The Xbox and PC got Arica Harbor and was released on January 28, 2010, and the PS3 got Port Valdez and was released on February 4, 2010.

neoMAXMLC1992d ago

Oh man I remember that... I played the CRAP out of that BC2 PS3 beta.

ShoryukenII1992d ago

PS3 got Arica Harbour around Novemember.

venom061992d ago


HeavenlySnipes1992d ago

This is relevant to this article how?

marcoskids1992d ago

The final version of CoD games are the betas, y do u think the final versions are always so buggy :P

PygmelionHunter1992d ago

I wouldn't go defending Battlefield too much though since BF3 is on its 9th patch already and the game is still flawed.

Note: I'm not defending CoD, that s*** is as broken as it gets.

Hufandpuf1992d ago


No multiplayer game is perfect, but I think BF3 is as good as it will ever get.

The_KELRaTH1992d ago

The Beta was pre Cod4 - after that it's just been map packs :)

TXIDarkAvenger1992d ago

Flares....Flares everywhere.

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