Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Makes $120k Before its Release

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine's pre-orders have earnt enough to pay off the games Indie Fund investment!

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papashango2019d ago

they're lying. Everyone knows pc piracy means nobody can make money.

Right everybody?

masa20092018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The game sells for $15, and the 120K figure is not a profit after substracting dev costs since they mention still having to pay back a loan.
So 120k is the revenue generated by pre-orders with transaction costs (like Steam's cut and bank fees) substracted?
Wouldn't that make in the neighborhood of 1000 copies sold then?
Is it really that much for one of the most hyped indies of the year?

From reading a few figures about indies, it seems to me that in fact even some of the most popular indies which get a ton of coverage in the gaming press don't generate that much revenue compared to the hype they're getting, and owe much of their viability to the elimination of middlemen like disc pressing/retailers from the business equation.

Not a knock against Monaco, which looks very interesting.

kwyjibo2018d ago

Your maths is appalling.

masa20092018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Ha ha, yes it is, I got to admit. I was not awake.
Nonetheless, even if the game pre-sold in the 10K range, it looks like even some highly hyped indies will not generate more than a few millions, which is good given their budget but rather modest compared to the coverage they're getting nowadays.

Seafort2018d ago

That's damn good for an Indie dev. The "AAA" publishers have brainwashed most gamers into thinking they need to sell millions of copies for a game to be considered a success.

You don't!

For an indie dev a few thousand copies sold is a success.

Only these mega publishers that put more into marketing the game than the game itself need to sell millions to break even as they've blow all their budget on crap tv ads and the suits pay check for doing fk all.