Assassin Games Are a Mysteriously Alluring Trend

Gi - Assassin games have rose to prominence in the most recent generation of video games. It has become a popular trend for developers to produce games featuring assassin protagonists. The assassin games trend can see its roots in the stealth genre, which really took off in 1998 with Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation and Thief: The Dark Project for PC. Shifting into 3D changed the genre causing it to appeal to a wider audience. With the exception of Tenchu, these stealth games featured less on assassinations, but more on stealth and avoiding conflict. These early stealth games laid the seeds for the popularity of assassin games in the mid-2000s.

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admiralvic2044d ago

A) It's not a trend. Even the author seems to realize this, since several examples of similar games (several in the past) were mentioned. "Assassin games" are merely an outshoot of the stealth genre and hardly that popular.
B) Assassins Creed's popularity comes more from story than gameplay. I've known plenty of people that actually disliked some of the later titles, but still played them simply to see what happens next. While I am not the biggest AC fan out there, I would say the story is pretty interesting. I certainly enjoyed the twist at the end of 2 anyway.

shivvy242044d ago

we need a ninja assasin
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