Top 10 Weirdest Pieces of DLC This Generation "Downloadable content has become a rather permanent fixture in this generation as every developer is trying their best to keep gamers interested in their title and make some cash along the way. There are many different ways to do this too, such as map packs, alternate costumes, to full-blown expansions."

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ShawnCollier1995d ago

That horse armor DLC always makes me laugh.

mephman1995d ago

It still amazes me how many people bought this.

Mouktouk1995d ago

I strongly disagree with the author regarding the Metal Gear Solid database.

Not only Metal Gear Solid series cutscenes are far from being a torture like he seems to say, but MGSDB isn't necessary to understand the MGS story.

Yes, there's plenty of text. Yes, it may be complicated for whoever isn't fond of Metal Gear Solid. But it's a good addition if you want to know more about the series background, context and story.

Metal Gear Solid Database is more like an application or an interactive website than an actual DLC.

mydyingparadiselost1995d ago

This list makes me groan at the thought of next gen DLC.

admiralvic1995d ago

How is The Saboteur missing from this list? The MIdnight Show pretty much just added topless women...

Dark_Overlord1995d ago

Funny thing is I own the midnight show, however I'm unable to access it. EA shut the server pretty damn quick rendering the DLC useless :(

Could be the reason it's not present on this list as its unaccessable anymore.