Star Wars: Battlefront III - One Hour Long Footage From This Cancelled Star Wars Title

DSOGaming writes: "Past To Present Online has posted an one hour long video from the leaked build of Star Wars: Battlefront III."

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extermin8or2086d ago

Ao we're thinking this is a legit leak, of a very very very early build? or... I'm not sure...

Jek_Porkins2086d ago

Pre-Alpha build of the game.

extermin8or2086d ago

yeah ofc, I just meant do we think this is an actual video of pre-alpha or a fan made mod on antoher game, that they've put a lot of effor into hoaxing... just I'd heard battlefront 3 had been going fps....

aliengmr2086d ago

Based on the few videos I've seen it looks the same. On top of that, it would be nonsense to hoax it, the game is dead and there has already been plenty videos of the pre-alpha. Not like anyone is going to get excited over seeing it.

Also, the video shows the player switching to an FPS view. But all the videos, including the leaked off-screen footage, I think, were in third-person.

Jek_Porkins2086d ago

Nah, SWBF3 was always going to be a TPS, but both SWBF1 and SWBF2 had options in the menu to switch it to FPS, most likely the third game would have the option as well.

Now the Star Wars game that was cancelled on Xbox Live, was going to be a FPS.

Wenis2085d ago

This is from Free Radical's version. The guy who uploaded this video was able to get an early pre-alpha build. Hes been posting these gameplay videos for a while now.

extermin8or2085d ago

ahh that explains it, theres an alpha version video floating around, personally i think whoever has that copy should anonymously release it into the public domain so we can see what they killed off just before it would've been ready for public release... :(

guitarded772086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

God... it's so f#@king heartbreaking. I wanted this game more than ANY other this gen.

May the 4th be with you.


extermin8or2086d ago

Disney as a whole then... :/ shame I like some of there other stuff...

coolbeans2086d ago

Pre-Disney Lucasarts execs gave BFIII the axe.

DeadlyFire2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Disney killed First Assault/Star Wars 1313
Lucasarts pre Disney killed Battlefront 3/KOTOR 3/FU 3

coolbeans2086d ago

"One Hour Long Footage From This Cancelled Star Wars Title"

The title's rubbing salt on my gaming wound. :'(

Hellforged_Savant2085d ago

Oh how much we lost due to Lucasart's stupidity.

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