Can A 3D Mario Really Save the Troubled Wii U?

GR writes: "The Wii U has been troublesome for Nintendo since it launched last year. Nintendo has responded by putting together a six-month campaign to get the console back on the map. It was kickstarted by one of the most impactful system updates ever seen, and will soon be followed by the console's most important game: its first 3D Mario."

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JonnyBigBoss1993d ago

Especially me...


abzdine1993d ago

i dont think it's troubled and at the same time Nintendo shouldn't be expecting much when they see the games available so far.

a 3D mario will for sure sell well but not to the point to be that killer app everybody should buy a Wii U to play. I am for example waiting for the new Zelda like everytime before i invest and i dont think that's gonna happen soon unfortunately.

dedicatedtogamers1993d ago

It certainly won't boost sales. With the exception of Super Mario 64, 3D Mario has never helped a Nintendo console sell. It has always been 2D Mario and Mario Kart (even Mario Kart isn't the ultimate answer, since it didn't help the GCN sell).

AJBACK2FRAG1992d ago

I've said a few times but if Nintendo developed and released a sequel to Super Mario 64 they'd be back in the money printing business.
If a 3d Mario can't at least help the Wii U. What will? As a Wii U owner and Nintendo fanman I must say I think it's a great time to own a Wii U and a very exciting time to be a Nintendo fan.
I'll also PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS and purchase this game as soon as it's released.

YoungPlex1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

True one can only wish, but realistically it will take a combination of a 3D Mario, and many other first-party/third-party offerings such as Mario Kart, SSB, TLOZ, Pikmin, Boyonetta, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, and X, to help the console achieve success!

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dbjj120881993d ago

I believe so. Even if they did Galaxy 3 it would be worth it to own a Wii U for.

Biohazard88601993d ago

Id love a mario galaxy in HD.

majiebeast1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Doubt it when NSMBU couldnt do it. NSMB sold 30million copies SMG1,2 sold 16 million together.

Nintendo need more then 2-3 games. They need to have a game or 2 every month and thats gonna be hard, with almost no third party support.

They cant bank on another lightning in a bottle thing, like wiifit and wiisports which sold the Wii.

Good advertisement. Who ever greenlit that dubstep commercial must have fallen on his head that day.

weekev151993d ago

Not sure I agree here. From August onwards there will be Pikmin 3, 3D Mario, yarn yoshi, smash brothers(rumoured 2013), wonderful 101, wii fit u(i know one for the casuals), wii party (another 1 for the casuals), windwaker hd. super luigi U(I know its DLC but its effectively a new release)

Thats just the Nintendo exclusive titles. They will also have AC4, Watch Dogs, Batman, COD, Rayman, Disney Infinity, plus a fair few more 3rd party titles.

We also may see news of new Retro game, Bayonetta 2 and new Zelda coming out.

I know not all of those titles float everyones boat but there is pretty much something for everyone. 2013 is gonna be expensive.

DarkBlood1993d ago

and mario kart u, thats alot of games in that time frame not that im complaining or anything

weekev151993d ago

Damn forgot MarioKart. how the hell did I do that? OT WiiU will be fine. Mario HD will not single handedly save it, but it will contribute along with the other titles I mentioned and many unannounced ones.

weekev151993d ago

I dont understand how people can disagree that the games I listed are coming out....n4g is a strange place.

Realplaya1992d ago

@ majiebeast the release date of the Wii was 2006 the release of NSMB Wii was released in 2009 3 years later with a huge install base. that game went on to sale over 26.25 million lifetime and NSMBU has sol over 2 million on a system with a rough estimate of 4 million maybe a little more. So your comparison is off. I will bet you that If Nintendo had released a game that everyone wanted and had rave reviews then that game would have moved more systems. Fact is I will buy the 3d mario game before I by the 2d one. Also Nintendo has still not released a game that will show the true performance of the system

The dubstep commercial wasn't bad it wasn't good but it was supposed to be hi tempo commercial but the music choice wasn't the smartest.

thaimasker1993d ago

Pretty much every 3D mario game beside for Sunshine sold 10 mil. So there is a demand. Even the Super mario 64 remakes on DS and 3DS sold 10 mil which is insane.

I think Mario Kart will be more of a system seller tho but they will sell close most likely

kirbyu1992d ago

There is no Super Mario 64 remake on 3DS.

thaimasker1992d ago

Yeah your right, confusing with all these remakes, sequels and what not.

PSNintyGamer1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

People seem to be forgeting that the New Super Mario Bros games always came after a console had its initial install base.

NSMB Ds came after Super Mario 64 Ds.
NSMB Wii came after Super Mario Galaxy.

NSMB 2 came after Super Mario 3D land, yet it still hasn't outsold it.

This time around NSMB came first, so we will see how it does.

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