AAG Feature: Alpha Protocol: Sleeper Hit of This Generation

AAG's Tyler writes: "As the current console generation starts to wind down, it has become fruitful to look back at how much was experienced in so many short years. We have been awed by the well-written deconstruction of Objectivism that was Bioshock, found the thrill of a chainsaw gun in Gears of War, chopped up countless alien corpses in Dead Space, explored the vast universe of Mass Effect, and have been enthralled by so many other unique and original adventures. Downloadable content has become common place, the Indie market has exploded across the board delivering unconventional and engaging experiences, and the popularity of the military First-Person-Shooter has blown gaming into the mainstream culture. So much has been done and so much ground has been covered. So what has happened to that originality?"

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MysticStrummer2019d ago

I enjoyed this game very much, but I also only paid $8 for it. Between Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age: Origins, and the Mass Effect Trilogy, Alpha Protocol was the only one I enjoyed enough to finish.