10 upcoming Xbox 360 games for 2013 and beyon

GamesRadar - The Xbox 720 will dominate Microsoft's attention through the rest of the year, but why leave the 360 in the dust so soon? There are plenty of games coming for the current Microsoft machine worth your time.

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Snookies121995d ago

Indeed, we still have a good bit of gaming left to do on current gen while we wait for next-gen to arrive. :]

KentBlake1994d ago

The title should be "10 upcoming multiplatform games for 2013 and beyond"..

Jek_Porkins1994d ago

I forgot all about South Part Stick Of Truth! That game looks awesome.

I'm hoping we get a Halo 2 HD remake in the vein of Halo CE Anniversary, because that was an HD remake done the right way from the ground up.

There are a few Xbox 360 titles that are MIA as well, like State Of Decay from Undead Labs:

State Of Decay was supposed to be the precursor to one of the Xbox 360's first MMORPG's called Class4, I have a feeling that Class4 is going to be the "zombie" game that launches with the next Xbox, probably a MMORPG, which would be awesome.

Would also love to finally see Crimson Dragon come out:

Don't understand the delay, but there are a ton of Xbox 360 games I'm looking forward to before next generation rolls in.

InMyOpinion1994d ago

I would love to see more of State of Decay. Certainly hope it's not canceled.

Also, would be nice if they included some XBLA games. That's where the exclusives shine the most atm.

Jek_Porkins1994d ago

State Of Decay was playable at Pax, so it isn't cancelled, but I would bet money that Class4 is going to be a game for the next Xbox, it would be a nice way to kick off a generation, with an awesome zombie MMORPG.

jetlian1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

state of decay is coming in june and it is an xbla game

secretcode1994d ago

I'm laughing harder than I should at "Beyond."

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