How The Playstation 4 Just Might Kill Beyond: Two Souls

GP writer Jared discusses how the PS4's release date might unexpectedly collide with Beyond: Two Soul's, and what it would mean for the much anticipated game.

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Chaostar1993d ago

Nonsense, tens of millions of PS3s won't just disappear when PS4 releases. Yes it might steal some of the media thunder but the game will still sell and keep it's place in the minds of gamers. Just look at GOW 2.

Thatguy-3101993d ago

Exactly I don't understand how people think once new consoles come out every past console will suddenly disappear in thin air. It's not like the whole 75+ mill install base is going to jump to next gen on day one. This game will do fine.

blitz06231993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

People who can afford and are willing to buy the PS4 at launch will have no problems buying a $60 AAA game at the same time.

abzdine1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

yes it's not about who will kill the other especially coming from one company but the most important is that there are games for all tastes. That's a Sony thing they never forget their loyal fans!

And something people dont seem to understand it's that all PS3 games can be streamed via Gaikai on PS4 so where's the problem even for those who never owned a PS3 and are buying PS4.

thechosenone1992d ago

Oh, the humanity. Will no-one think of the children?!

The transition from the PS3 to 4 will take some time so in that time current gen games will continue to sell and sell well. And Sony has already stated that the PS3 will continue to be supported/sold well after the launch of the PS4. It'll take the place of the original PS2 which until recently got discontinued and had a lifespan of over 12 years.

MysticStrummer1993d ago

Yeah all 70 million + PS3 owners will upgrade to PS4 on launch day.


Your GoW2 example is perfect.

kneon1993d ago

Even if the PS4 were wildly successful they wouldn't likely sell more than 5 million this year. I guess the author thinks those other 70+ million PS3s owners will suddenly just stop buying and playing games until they buy a PS4.

Jek_Porkins1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I agree that all of the PS3's don't disappear, but you will have a lot of the hardcore fans who would normally buy the game, possibly skip it in order to save for the new console.

It has happened in the past, look at Super Metroid, which was one of the best games of all time, but it came out after the PlayStation and N64 were announced and sold next to nothing.

Not saying that will happen, but this game is a bit of a niche title in my opinion, the PS4 could cut into some of the sales, and I'd point out that the PS2 had well over 100+ million units sold when God Of War 2 came out, and God Of War 1 sold nearly 5 million, Heavy Rain sold less than half of that, and there were a lot more PS2's in the wild when compared to the PS3, and lastly, the PS3 was backwards compatible at that time, and there was a serious lack of games at that point for the console.

I'm saying there is a lot of variables to consider, but it is possible it could affect sales somewhat. To dismiss the possibility would be foolish.

yesmynameissumo1993d ago

Yeah, 20 years ago Super Metroid didn't do so hot during the N64 and PS announcements. But the industry, business models, philosophies and technologies have have changed so drastically, it's kinda silly to use that to try and make your point imo. Heavy Rain was a niche title and sold 2 million copies.

Far too often, people look at the previous gen, as if it is some step-by-step booklet. People that want Beyond are going to get Beyond. People that want a PS4 are going to get a PS4. The two have no relation other than both are going to make money for Sony.

Hicken1992d ago

"Somewhat" could mean a difference of five copies.

Seriously, though. The people interested in this game are going to get it. If they decide to get a PS4 first, then they'll do so, but it's not as if they'll skip out on Beyond, entirely, so they can buy their next generation console.

And that's the thing: there may be SOME impact, but it'll be negligible. It's certainly not going to be a large enough factor to "kill" the game.

No one is expecting Beyond to do 10 million. But it'll do quite well. Heavy Rain, by the way, sold just about half of what GOW sold(VGchartz has it sitting at 2.43 million, which is likely lower than the actual total), which is by no means bad, especially given they'd expected far less than that.

In any case, you're right: there ARE a lot of variables. But none of them are significant enough to cause considerable damage to the selling power of Beyond: Two Souls. To imply otherwise is rather foolish.

Aceman181992d ago

i'll be buying a PS4 and Beyond Two Souls easily, besides you can't compare a hack and slash to a niche title that did pretty well.

ReubenPatrick1992d ago

I agree. Every transition to a new generation has always been a slow and sometimes excruciating process. PS3 games will still sell. PS4 games would still sell.
Persona 4 would be a good example :D

hulk_bash19871992d ago

Haha this argument is moot, when the PS3 first came out I know for a fact people were still buying up PS2s. Especially considering the significant drop in price for the console. I for one, am still anxiously awaiting it's release in October.

Mounce1992d ago

Shhh, the PS3 userbase will just disappear and never buy PS3 games ever again. All PS3 consumers will stop playing PS3 games and ALL get a PS4 and then refuse to buy PS3 games because they'd have ALL sold their PS3 to help buy a PS4

Totally the truth... . . ..

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Jaqen_Hghar1993d ago

A man will pre-order as soon as he gets to his university apartment in August. Steel book for the normal $60? Yes please

-GametimeUK-1993d ago

This game has the luxury of being one of those titles that will be purchased regardless because the fanbase is so loyal to these sort of creative titles. I am considering putting off purchasing a PS4 to enjoy the last games of this generation before I hop in to next gen. Dark Souls 2 is the must have for me.

e-p-ayeaH1993d ago

exacly some people are so obessed with graphics they forget whats really important.

Shadow Man1993d ago

if just ps4 would of been backwards compatible, i would get a ps4 day one.

jay21993d ago

It'll sell whatever happens!

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