Resident Evil Revelations Gameplay video shows Campaign and Raid mode (plus screens)

New Resident Evil Revelations gameplay video shows campaign and raid mode. Click on the link to see some screen shots.

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GameReviewGuy1991d ago

Hopefully this will make up (A little) for Resident Evil 6 not being as awesome as it was supposed to be

-GametimeUK-1991d ago

A full new Resi game designed for home consoles with the traditional Capcom heart and soul put in to it would maybe make up for how bad Capcom have been over this generation. A HD version of a 3DS still doesn't cut it for me. I'm thankful for it appearing on the 3DS because it was the console it was designed for.

abdulmateen1990d ago

it really good.i want down load video,help me please.