CC Impact Presents Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine [Capsule Computers]

Join Capsule Computer editor Joe Morgan and senior editor Jamie Laike as they bust their way through several levels of Monaco! You’ll get to see a few different members of the heist crew as they hack, lockpick, pickpocket, and generally steal their way around the city of Monaco!

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ManDemon1992d ago

Awesome, I've been seeing shots of this game here and there, but glad to see how it actually plays.

masterabbott1992d ago

This game looks pretty awesome, i might pick this one and give it a shot after watching this twitch tv coverage.

koga881992d ago

I just can't find the appeal of games like this. I mean, it's fine for those who like it but even after watching the first ten minutes or so and skipping through a bit of the rest, this one just isn't for me.

1OddWorld1992d ago

The game is great. I pre-ordered it and I have been playing every day since launch. I am a loner so it takes me some time to clear a level of all loot, but I get it done. I have never played a game quite like it and for the life of me I cant think of a game to compare it to.