How Nintendo Fell From Grace and Why They’re Skipping E3

With Sony’s big E3 press conference finally dated, and the Xbox 720 set to be announced soon, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan take a look at the odd man out, Nintendo. Why isn’t PlayStation’s oldest enemy planning to have a big E3 event? Is there something wrong with the Wii U? Is all lost? Find out all this, and more, in today’s riveting DR. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2088d ago

Presentation is nin tenths of the law

Foolsjoker2088d ago

That's what Reggie says before leaving the house...

LOL_WUT2088d ago

Is that Reggie in the thumbnail? ;)

knifefight2088d ago

In the gaming world, yeah. Hype is nine tenths of success.

Foolsjoker2088d ago ShowReplies(4)
Wedge192088d ago

I would love for Ninty to just be a dev, and make games for PlayStation and Xbox. That could end up pretty sweet.

thaimasker2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

or make the handhelds for sony with nintendo's brand name, while sony handles the console hardware. They would be unstoppable.

Lifebanisher2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

sony and nintendo combined? mario x little big planet game, psasbr x ssbb game, monster hunter x uncharted combined. the world will explode lol...
these idea's are dangerous!

Short ideas...

mario x little big planet - you can now build stages in mario and then sackboy can use the mushroom LOL

psasbr and ssbb - fighting mechanics, characters mixed..

monster hunter x uncharted - climb mountains, use gun's, use monster hunter weapons, kill dinosaurs, pvp, gun's vs blades the more armor you have the more unnefective the gun is

sadly this won't happen cause companies have their own pride...

for some they'll say good and it should stay that way..

but we would not know what will come out of it if both companies don't try it..

thaimasker2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Lol @ Monster Hunter X unchared...
Although that could happen without nintendo's say since capcom owns it.

AKR2088d ago

If Sony loses anymore money with the PS4, it might be THEM who ends up becoming "Just a dev."

Why do you and so many others want Nintendo to come out of the console race? They've been in it from since they restarted it in the 80s. They've shaped the way we play games today. Commonplace features, started with Nintendo. Their the owners of the two most profitable systems of the 7th-gen, and the best-selling franchises in the entire gaming industry. They're the richest gaming company, altogether - Even more richer than Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions.

What, you only want Nintendo to drop out just so you could play Mario or Zelda on a PS4 or NextXBOX? That's kinda low, my friend.

Moonman2088d ago

Nintendo is #1 every week in sales. They sure fell from grace....not!

lilbroRx2088d ago

What do you expect from a site called Facts, rationality, and unbiased analysis? Not in this article.

Moonman2088d ago

I can't wait for the "competition" to release. We'll see how that works out. #KARMA

The entire first 6 months of 3DS all we heard about was how Vita was going to do this and that. Now Vita is struggling to gain traction while 3DS is kicking ass.

MaxXAttaxX2088d ago

Nintendo has always been best with handhelds without a doubt. That's why the 3DS is such a great success.

But they've never been the best with home consoles, since none of them have ever reached PlayStation home consoles sales (with the exception of the Wii which had the right novelty at the right time and marketed to the right people).

Moonman2087d ago

But as of TODAY, Wii U has no competition right now. It is indeed winning the new generation until those said consoles are released. Just as the 3DS was even with it's initial 6 months. I understand fully what this article is talknig about!

But Nintendo hasn't fell from anything until it has shown all it's cards and 5 years from now hasn't made a profit off of it's consoles and games. Which won't freakin' happen no matter who prays about it.

Steelmanner2087d ago

I agree with some of what you are saying, but I think we can all agree that WiiU sales are going to sky-rocket once a 1st party game is announced, and released. Disagree if your not excited for the next Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda,and (Hopefully) a new Starfox

MaxXAttaxX2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )


Winning without competition? You could succeed maybe, but not win without competition.
I think the Wii U's competition is actually the 360 and PS3. Which would explain better why it is struggling. If it was a system that offered something comparable to the upcoming PS4 and Xbox then it would be doing better since, you know, no competition means it can hog the sales.

thaimasker2088d ago

lol @ the title tho. First of all they aren't skipping E3..and neither have they fallen from their grace...The Wii U is just having a rough start just like the 3DS did and is now completly owning the hardware sales...especially handheld.....Reading the article and some comments is just comical and sad at the same time tbh

Imagine if the Wii U becomes sucessful...How many of these people will look so stupid...Just like with the 3DS And PS3. and articles like this would become a reference for comedy to show how things have changed.

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