PS4 owners will be able to play Watch Dogs with their mobile devices while on the go

“Watch Dogs” developer, Ubisoft, has openly raved about the joys of creating the game on PS4. The developer now claims that Playstation 4 owners will be able to connect to the game via their mobile devices to play with others on a PS4 while away from home. This feature wasn’t discussed in great length., so fans will have to wait to hear more detailed information on this functionality.

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Majin-vegeta3012d ago

That is so awesome.

-N4G mods are unfair.

Abash3012d ago

I want to be able to play it on my PS Vita via Remote Play

iGAM3R-VIII3012d ago

If they mean mobile devices as in phones then that is a HUGE step, but if they mean the Vita then that is still good. Now I can finally use that Vita for some second screen stuff, can't wait!!

E3 come to papa

PsnGammer213012d ago

You can most likely since they said all games remote play

playhouseent3012d ago

ps vita remote play is a requirement for most ps4 games. companion apps are for mobile phones. will show game data like maps, upgrades, stats, etc. The full game will definitely NOT be playable on mobile phones.

Braid3011d ago

Allright, I'll have to pass on this one. That's a nice feature and all, but in the end I'd love to play the game on my console or PC, rather than a tablet or phone, thank you.

MysticStrummer3011d ago

"Allright, I'll have to pass on this one. That's a nice feature and all, but in the end I'd love to play the game on my console or PC, rather than a tablet or phone, thank you."

So you'll pass because it has the option to play on a mobile device, even though it will still mainly play on the console?


abzdine3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


Then try to take your PS4 or PC on the go to play Watch Dog..


Braid3011d ago

I should have specified it, I'll pass the said feature, not the game itself. I'm planning on buying it for PS4. Watch Dogs is one of my most anticipated next-gen titles so far, I wouldn't even dare thinking about passing the game.


I'm not a fan of mobile gaming myself. Let alone they may be talking about a companion application rather than the full game, details are not given yet.

I've got a Vita, I think that's the ultimate way to go for taking your games with you. I'm pretty sure Sony said that they'll be doing their best to support Remote Play on every title coming to PS4. I'd rather play the game on Vita if need be.

donman13011d ago

My Samsung Galaxy S4 will be just fine. Great news.

minimur123011d ago

the title should be changed to 'may be able ' being as he spoke about it for 10 seconds, and we still have no clue what he meant by it.

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Abdou233012d ago

They can make an app. that allows you to hack into things, collect info and upgrade your character skills in your free time. But not play the actual game because that wouldn't be much useful.

imdaboss13011d ago

You can play it on your PSVita is already been confirmed that it will have via remote play

Dan_scruggs3011d ago

Remote play on the PS4 is local wifi only so you would essentially be limited to playing the game on your Vita while sitting in front of you TV and PS4. To me this completely defeats the purpose. Essentially making a PS4/Vita with expensive memory card combo into a WiiU with a bigger latency. Its a completely impractical and outrageously expensive "me too" solution that Sony has come up with.

SoundGamer3011d ago


No. Remote play will enable you to play anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

FlyingFoxy3011d ago

How does it work? doyou leave your PS4 on, go elsewhere there's Wifi and connect to your PS4 over the net to stream the game to your Vita?, you'd need a good connection for that, probably at least 100kb/s upload speed minimum.

My 100mbps connection has 10mbps upload (1 megabyte per sec)

GiantFriendlyCrab3012d ago

why all the disagrees?, not everyone has time for this, and besides its good to be disconnected sometimes, not always on.

JoGam3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Dude, I 'll tell you why..... This ability is an option. A freaking option that won't take away from playing it on the PS4. To say no thanks to the ability is just wrong. To say no I'll rather play on the ps4 or 720, i can understand. I swear people need to learn to notice options and realize option are just that. Doesn't take away from the main experience. And to be disconnected should be an option also.

SilentNegotiator3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Why would you even bother commenting? All you basically said was "whatever." Even if you said something negative about it, your comment would be worth something.

Omar913011d ago


"To say no thanks to the ability is just wrong".
Huh? lol how is that wrong? thats like saying its wrong to say no to a homeless guy asking for money because its an "option" to do so or not.

maybe that wasn't the best example but you get the point. If some people aren't interested in playing there games on mobile devices, how is that wrong?

I on the other hand would be looking forward to playing games on my vita, not my cellphone so nonetheless this is good news for me.

MysticStrummer3011d ago

"why all the disagrees?"

Because they disagree with you?


There are times when disagrees make no sense, like when stating a fact, but your statement is not a fact, it's an opinion.

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nick3093012d ago

If 3g wasnt so expensive here i wouldve used it on my vita or ios devices.

Tatsuya 3012d ago

This is the kind of innovation that we need. Bring it on Ubisoft!

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