Next Week on the EU PSN: May 8th, 2013 – Alien Spidy, Sine Mora Free on PlayStation Plus

Just like North America, the PlayStation Network releases in Europe for next week aren’t numerous. Things do perk up on May 15th though, thanks to Velocity Ultra being free on PlayStation Plus and Metro: Last Light being a Day 1 Digital title, but while you wait until two weeks from now, here’s everything currently scheduled for May 8th. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2021d ago

Sine Mora is a good PS+ freebie.

Minato-Namikaze2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Almost bought sine mora last week after playing the demo, but i fell alseep, lol. God i love ps+.

Edit: dammit this is EU, i love plus a little less now, but still alot......

dbjj120882021d ago

Everyone should check out Sine Mora.

ftwrthtx2021d ago

They get some pretty good games across the pond.

-GametimeUK-2021d ago

Got this (Sine Mora) on Steam a while ago for next to nothing. I have hardly played it because I don't game on the PC much. It will be a blast playing this on my PS3, though. I am very happy with PS+ in Europe. It almost makes up with how crappy the rest of the Europe store is...

Give me Counter Strike, dammit! (It's not coming, is it?)