The 5 Best Resident Evil Games

With Revelations releasing on nearly every console on the planet later this month, Bloody Disgusting ranks their five favorite games in the franchise!

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kostchtchie_2085d ago

that would be RE 1,2,3 Outbreak 1 & 2
although i did like remakes on wii also

Hemmerling19862085d ago

I would have gone RE,2,1,4 and 3. I felt RE3 was just RE 2.5.

I know RE4 was different but I liked the mechanics, if done right like RE revelations, there's potential to create a really great RE game (if they stay away from the action).

Tokyo_reject2085d ago

How the hell is RE 1 Remake not on here....RE4 was in noooooo way anywhere near the amazingness of RE1 Remake!!!!

SuperLupe2085d ago

Yep RE 1 remake is one of my best gaming experiences ever. What a fantastic game.

-GametimeUK-2085d ago

My list!

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 1
Code Veronica

I feel Resi3 should be on the list, but there is only room for 5 games.