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RAGE OUT! With Greg over this Xbox Press Conference!

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YoureINMYWay851994d ago

Show us the console!.......dicks

creHEARTive1994d ago

the PS4 already has my vote and my money.

gamerlive1993d ago

I think a lot of people eventually will buy both of these consoles like with PS3 and 360.

NukaCola1993d ago

Thank you this.

Sony has secured my purchase. It's not a versus game. If MS shows us something worth investing into, I will buy that. I buy a game device because it offers something of value. Hence why I have a PS3 and Xbox 360, but have not bought a Wii U yet. Maybe if the Wii U finally releases some games, I will get one, but until then I won't get it just to own it. I'm not poor but I am not wasteful either.

Insomnia_841993d ago

This guy has Xbox-fanboy written all over his face judging from all the things he said.

1993d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1993d ago

I agree but you have to remember that not "Everybody" that saw Sony's conference was impressed. I thought it was great, and also what made Sony's conference so great was it was unexpected.

I don't think it was the best thing ever. But it was good enough to get me excited for Sony's E3.

I agree hes raggin on Sony pretty hard. To say you hated Sony's early reveal is a bit fanboyish. You would think that he would at least be happy for the fact that Sony simply announce its successor?

Unlike MS that allowed the rumor monster to take over its unannounced console.

Godmars2901993d ago

Showing the console if its not ready could be a massive mistake. Lock them into a design which could be counter productive to actual operation.

Then again they could show something then release something else.

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