Why Call of Duty Will Continue Selling Despite Not Listening to Gamers

There is an old saying: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, the Call of Duty creators have taken this to heart and have sworn by the Gods to never change.

A new release is expected every year for the Call of Duty franchise, this year is by no means an exemption the new Call of Duty title has already been confirmed, titled: Ghosts. Every year we see very little change to the game the franchise has become stagnant and boring, yet people still buy the game by the boat loads! Why? Is it just because there is nothing else to play? If a person would tell me that, I would call them a straight up liar to their face. There are tons of great games that come out each year, either that person is lazy to play other games, or that person is a bad consumer because they fail to see they are paying for the same product year after year.

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Donnieboi1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

They got new developers (along with Infinity Ward), and a new game engine. For all we know, they may also add a lot to the series. Did the guy who wrote the article not know this?

Anyway, I don't like COD, i'm a BF fan, myself. But if COD ever had the opportunity to change it's ways, it's the next one--considering the amount of changes in dev teams and engine that has already been confirmed. So, with knowledge of these few changes, I will wait for the reveal before I assume that it's the "same old thing".

MikeMyers1998d ago

Some people actually believe that since theres is a new Call of Duty game every year that they only make it like they do for games like Madden. That simply isn't true. They have multiple teams making it so it's really a two year cycle to create each one.

From the article,
"This next Call of Duty coming up this November I am not gonna purchase, we have to make a stand!"

I see people say this every year yet it keeps selling. Enough of this 'we' stuff. If you don't like it don't buy it. Stop bothering other people who may not have issues with the game. The writer keeps talking about how there is so many other games to play. Great, there's your answer.

threefootwang1997d ago

Very true, but the problem is both companies are using the exact same COD 2 engine to make their games. So in essence, they're all the same games with different colors, weapon skins, and enemies, etc.

CerebralAssassin1997d ago

I dont understand why people are disagreeing with your comment. What is there to disagree with when you speak the truth? I guess people just love to hate. Hell ill probably get disagrees myself.

MikeMyers1997d ago

Who cares if they are using the same engine, it's not the same game. You don't need to have new engines every time you make a new game. It still runs at 60fps unlike most games and the graphics have improved because they have tweaked the engine and know the hardware better so that they can develop more efficiently.

This is why we buy new hardware, to get that leap in graphics and capabilities. I can't believe some are whining about how Call of Duty looks.


That's just the way it is here, many are just negative people to begin with and many don't like the success Call of Duty has brought. Many also feel the game should have substantial upgrades each year. While that may be true it's obvious what they are doing is working. There are tons of other games to play, what's the point of whining about Call of Duty?

Rearden1998d ago

How do you know they haven't listened to gamers? Oh that's right, you don't, you just need a link-bait headline.

Majin-vegeta1998d ago

Dedi server,Dedi servers etc...where are they??Oh that's right the don't listen.

FantasyStar1997d ago

Addendum: They don't listen to "PC Gamers" lol.

Statix1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Treyarch has been completely ignoring gamers' plea to fix the horrible networking and lag compensation ever since release, despite video footage proving that there are major flaws in the netcode. They've gone so far as to ban anyone on Twitter who attempts to send them videos of all the lag issues in the game.

Here's a good video showing in a very technical manner how the netcode of Black Ops 2 is completely flawed, and at times unplayable because of lag compensation:

Agent_hitman1998d ago

Activision is not listening to gamers. Gamers want COD to be stop milking permanently. They should release new FPS franchise lol..

CerebralAssassin1997d ago

You should realize that the gamers that speak about the series being milked and wanting it to stop is completely dwarfed by the people who love it. That applies to just about anything. If there's 10 people that speak up about something, there's 50 people who didn't say anything.

ginsunuva1997d ago

Because its fanbase aren't gamers. Just people looking for a toy that their friends have too.

Ravenor1997d ago

I've purchased every mainline CoD since 2003, IE the first one. Not everyone who plays the odd game of CoD is a vapid 13 year old, or a 45 year old dude looking for something to do.

Admittedly I usually only pop the game in to play with my sister and her boyfriend, but if that's what they want to play and don't respond to things like MAG or BF3 what am I supposed to do?

Ravenor1997d ago

To sum this article up, it's basically: "I don't like CoD, but it sells really well. It shouldn't sell so well because I don't like it very much, seriously I don't think it's that great so I'm going to stop and you should too."

This community on N4G and even the one that frequents multiplatform game sites, are so small they don't matter. If every single user who frequents N4G said they weren't going to buy the new CoD and followed through on that, there would be zero change in what the game sells in total. 2,000-5,000 copies (way more than N4G's active members) is nothing, barely a drop in the bucket.

Call of Duty is FAR bigger than us, I wish some of you would realize that. Instead of spending all this energy on why people shouldn't buy CoD, why aren't you writing blogs about what people should be looking into instead? The Bureau: XCom Declassified sounds neat, talk about that instead.

FantasyStar1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

You're way too mature to be on this site. GTFO and let us enjoy our circlejerking.

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