First Grid 2 PS3 gameplay preview video shows frame rate issues

VVV: "Note that the build on display is sourced from a preview version of the game and therefore does not represent the final version. Having said that, it's also worth noting that this is the first time we've seen Gird 2 running on the consoles, and while it still holds up well to its towering PC brother, the PS3 version currently suffers from a sloppy frame rate which we hope Codemasters will be able to rectify in time."

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Kietz1994d ago

Game looks good.
Should hold up better on PC, so no worries.

adorie1994d ago

Change "should" to "will" Lol.

Daves1994d ago

Preview went out months ago... plenty of time for polish.

iGamerZero241994d ago

As a Playstation gamer "and 360" I'm over the PS3's pain in the ass Cell processor to program for....come on x86 with 8 GB GDDR RAM !

Letros1994d ago

Wait, you're just now realizing the cell is crap?

chcolatesnw1994d ago

Cell isnt crap. Look at uncharted, killzone. All perform not a single frame below 30 and with the best console graphics. Just third party devs lazy

iGamerZero241994d ago

It's not crap ! Just a lot of work for 3rd party Devs !

GiantFriendlyCrab1994d ago

with ps4s x86 there is now no excuse for slacking and jerking around

MrDead1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Unfinished, not fully optimized game has frame issues!!!.... which is completely normal.

Is this what N4G is coming to, articles picking faults in unfinished titles? Approvers you should be ashamed.

VVV Mars VG1994d ago

It is not completely normal in a game merely a month from launch and given the comparison with titles such as F1 2011 (which also suffered from poor frame rate on the PS3) there is reason to note this in its current condition. It is noted in the video that this is preview code and not representative of the final product but the poor frame rate should not be overlooked.