25 Best Video Game Crossovers

The 25 Best Video Game Crossovers was a fun list to make. Somewhere down the line, game companies decided to be less restrictive with their IPs and started throwing all of their properties together into gigantic multi-character fight fests. Some crossovers make sense, like the multitudes of fighting game crossovers out there. Others, not so much. Mario vs Final Fantasy in a basketball game? Hey, at least it’s fun. These are the 25 Best Video Game Crossovers.

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haymoza3567d ago

This isn't a TOP 25 list! It's the full list of all the crossovers ever created.

I_LOVE_MYSELF3567d ago

Oh, really? I don't recall Robocop vs Terminator on that list :-P

shinobi893567d ago

No, there are crossover games that aren't mentioned on here.

I_LOVE_MYSELF3567d ago

I knew it would be high, but I think the game worthy of number 1 is Smash Bros. Marvel vs Capcom is awesome too, but I don't like to praise Capcom much these days.

Also, Dante in Viewtiful Joe was a cool crossover. Maybe not worthy of a spot on the list, though. Wasn't a cross over game, but then again neither is Soul Calibur.

Jyndal3567d ago

I didn't see Fighter's Megamix for the Sega Saturn. One of the best fighting games of the 32 bit generation.