Wii U now Confirmed to be Hacked, First Game Dumped

GC - "After the announcement of the Wii U Key which breaks Wii U’s security, a modding scene has released the first game dump."

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dedicatedtogamers1996d ago

This does not bode well...

It might sell hardware (like what happened with the PSP) but the sales of games is gonna tank. Of course, Nintendo will release a new firmware patch here and there but once that first hack unlocks the system, there's no hope of putting the genie back in the bottle.

And people thought 3rd party support for the thing was bad NOW? Oooof.

Neonridr1996d ago

well it's not like the 360 or PS3 were free of hackers. This isn't exactly new in this day and age. Look at what the PC has to go through on a daily basis with piracy.

dedicatedtogamers1996d ago

360 and PS3 are online-centric systems. You miss out on a lot (and/or get constantly banned) if you choose to hack. AFAIK, a hacked PS3 cannot access PSN. The WiiU, on the other hand, is hardly the online console, and even if Nintendo does make a patch, the cat is already out of the bag.

And neither the 360 nor PS3 were able to play illegal .iso's less 6 months after the console launched. Not even the PSP was hacked that quickly.

Theyellowflash301996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )


The Xbox 360 is easy to hack and hackers can easily get around the patches MS puts out. So many people play online with hacked Xbox 360's.

I'm sorry but you have no clue what you're talking about. I know at least 10 people who play Xbox Live with a hacked system and burned games.

And I'll add the PS3 isn't hacked as much because people do not have Blu-Ray disc burners. And the games are massive. Many people don't have the internet speed to download huge 23 GB games for the PS3.

The Xbox 360 games are much more manageable, topping out at 8 GB and sometimes 16 for two discs.

Grap1996d ago

you can play xbox live if u have hacked xbox but you will eventually get banned, after 3 months or so.

gaffyh1996d ago

@Theyellowflash30 - There is a workaround I believe for the 360 if you haven't already been banned, but if you have been then the only way to solve that problem is to buy a new Xbox 360. Which is probably one of the reasons why the 360 would sell so well just before COD released, because they would do a ban wave about a week earlier.

I think there is a workaround for PS3 as well, but it has something to do with spoofing your firmware version or something. With that said though, the PS3 is easily the least hacked system of the three current gen consoles, because it's simply not worth it. You get free online, and if you hack your console, you are likely to get banned. This doesn't matter that much on Xbox 360 if you don't pay for XBLG

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Tultras1996d ago

Gears of war 3 had more people playing online than their total sales.

Go figure.

LOL_WUT1996d ago

Nintendo is already loosing money on the Wii U, they make back some of it with each game sold. Now with this hack being wildly known its pretty certain some people are going to take advantage of this. ;)

MikeMyers1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

The difference is, Neonridr, the PS3 and Xbox 360 probably have a lot more people online than the Wii U. It will hurt Nintendo more because they are still struggling to get 3rd party support, this will just add to the resistance of them releasing games on it. It took years on the PS3 to crack and even now it's probably very minimal. The Xbox 360's secret weapon is the huge popularity of Xbox Live. When we hear about them purging the system and banning so many people others take notice. Playing offline on the Wii U is most likely not as much of a concern as Xbox 360 owners. That's just my guess. With that said yes, piracy does hurt the Xbox 360 as well.

Also when you are just starting out you want software sales to help curb the cost of the hardware and all the research and development that went into it rather quickly. Having it pirated this quickly is not good. Nintendo is very aggressive though when it comes to going after piracy.

SilentNegotiator1996d ago

Ps3 and 360 didn't get hacked 6 months in AND have terrible third party support, however.

4lc4pon31995d ago

yeah but the wiiU is struggling to make sales so having your system now hacked its going to put a hurting on them for game sales.

Nintendo is in for a long road

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Dan_scruggs1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

This does not matter.

Systems get hacked all the time. Nintendo has never had a problem with hacking and home brew and it never hurt their sales. Its companies like Sony overrating and creating 100 dollar proprietary memory cards to combat hacking that screws people. Not Nintendo.

ijust2good1996d ago

Im waiting for Ixtreme for Nextbox and PS4

Qrphe1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Piracy did not "kill" the PSP. The DS was also piracy-rampant and it didn't die because of it. Stop blaming pirates for the bad marketing and support of companies.

deafdani1996d ago

"The WiiU, on the other hand, is hardly the online console"

That shows you don't have a Wii U. I had PS3 and Xbox 360, and now Wii U, and I can say that its online capabilities are comparable to those of the PS3 and Xbox. Plus it has Miiverse, which becomes quite a big part of the Wii U experience.

Based on that ignorant statement alone, your argument is worthless. Piracy will hurt the Wii U just as much as it hurt the Xbox 360, not more, probably not less. The PS3 is another matter entirely; I'd dare say it was the best protected console against piracy I've ever seen.

dedicatedtogamers1996d ago

So WiiU's top selling games are online multiplayer games? I didnt know.

showtimefolks1996d ago

Lol just lol

PSN and xblive are much much much better

Serious not hating on wiiu I actually like it but to totally say something which isn't true is not right

And it's understandable too, it takes time to set up a proper online structure, but with 3rd party publishers already not n board and now this, it's not gonna help Nintendo and wiiu might just become the system you buy and ack to play free Nintendo exclusives

Also many comments at top, I agree wiiu isn't looked as a console you buy to play onlin compare to ps3 and xbox360. So that's a huge negative towards wiiu too

Piracy sucks either way so hopefully Nintendo can figure out a way to stop this

yugovega1995d ago

I agree wiiu online is very close if not better for me then xb or ps. miiverse makes every game multiplayer. so yes every wiiu game is an online multiplayer game. try it before you assume.

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lilbroRx1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I used to love the scene back in the day because they generally focused on emulating older games that no one could find anymore and opening up region support. These people actually cared about the gamers and tried to support the companies as well. They actually made gaming better.

The modern scene is filled with arrogant scumbags who just want rep. They care nothing about devs, manufacturers or gamers. I'm tired to trying to play a legit game online and some cheater ruining it which the hacker groups never take responsibility for even though it would be completely impossible if not for them.

Some hackers, like Marcan and fail overflow, actually seem to be intentionally trying to harm and insult console makers going by the jabs and jokes they make after hacking the hardware. They actually make gaming "worse".

What was once well meaning is now parasitic and corrosive. Nintendo should take these guys to court like Sony did to Egohot with his arrogance.

joeorc1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

100% Exactly this is one of the Reasons we cannot have nice thing's, too many Ego's. Not following simple Prudence:

prudentia means "prudence" (also: discretion, foresight, forethought, circumspection; refers to the exercise of good judgment, common sense, and even caution, especially in the conduct of practical matters).

Hacking and reverse engineering for your own use is Ok, but when you post such instructions on easy to follow steps in a world wide public forum like the internet, what do you think is going to Happen?

if you really love the Hobby you would not post key's to the city in a public forum to cause the developer's to maybe even stop making games for you completely! what than, with out the artist making the content than what?

but..but there will always be people that will make game's maybe so, but don't expect them to cater to a market that will steal them blind , the point is they may go to markets like the App market for smartphone's or tablets what then?

they keep this up and we may just loose the talents that make some good game's and if you going to dump their work they just may give you crap to dump in the first place. Look at it just like a pay check and loose the drive to even put their best forward.

Dark_Ronius1996d ago

I agree with you there. The only reason I wish my PS3 was hacked is in the hope that PS2 support can be added, they took out the emulation after the first batch of consoles.

I would then only need my PS3 and Wii for my gaming needs, as the Wii takes the place of my Mega Drive, Master System and even my PS1 thanks to the emulators that are available for it. It's all stuff I already legally own, I don't like contaminating my collection with Pirate stuff.

animegamingnerd1996d ago

i agree 100% nintendo should release a update that prevents hacking like sony did with the PS3 and then sue the hell out of these guy's

nirwanda1995d ago

What nintendo should have done to discourage these genuine homebrew hackers is to introduce emulators for the snez, nez and n64 and let people download the roms for free but have a yearly charge like xbox live,
Wii U's would fly off the shelves and Nintendo would have regular year subs coming in along with increased software sales.

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Cam9771996d ago

Another day, another blow to the Wii U.
First they confirmed that they wouldn't be at E3 and now this. My oh my...

SonyNGP1996d ago

Nintendo will still be at E3. They're just not holding a press conference is all.

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NYC_Gamer1996d ago

What's the big deal?WiiU isn't the first and won't be the last cracked piece of hardware.

lilbroRx1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Are you serious?

The problem is that there are a lot of devs on the fence about how they will support the Wii U if at all and piracy is going make a lot of them reconsider making games altogether leading to less games and lower quality games for people who legitimately buy them.

It will also lead to multiplayer hacking which will ruin the fun that other people have playing games on the console.

cyguration1996d ago

Gears of War 3 was pirated more than a million times on the Xbox 360. That's one million extra copies that didn't move off retailer shelves. That costs distribution money.

Did Epic pull out of supporting Microsoft or the Xbox 360?

360 games are usually leaked an entire month before retail release. All the big games. This has been happening for years.

If the 360 can survive then Nintendo can survive...not to mention the Big 'N' at least still makes first-party games people will actually want to buy.

joeorc1996d ago

"If the 360 can survive then Nintendo can survive...not to mention the Big 'N' at least still makes first-party games people will actually want to buy."

its not about being able to survive, it's about will venture capital firms keep giving you money to be able to make such project's come to life or they can say make another game but here is a much lower $$$ to work with, make some lemonade out of some lemon's. while that extra cash could have gone to make the project even better. but Hacking and dumping the content online kinda makes the choice up for them.

Look no one is saying that the effect's of Piracy are going to kill off the gaming media market, it just will have an effect that can put screws to thing's that you may want to do but you cannot due to example there is more pirated copy of your game in the hands of Gamer's instead of paying gamer's. that's a problem

animegamingnerd1996d ago

its the fact that every console at this point as been hacked hell in call of duty 4 on 360 the odds are pretty high you will ended in a hacked game

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