Microsoft Reveals Winter XBLA Lineup

Although Microsoft showed a handful of Xbox Live Arcade games at this year's X06, the company never reveals the order or timing of its weekly releases.

In a marketing email today, the company unveiled at least six games that will definitely hit XBLA by early 2007. Those games are Lumines Live (which hits XBLA Wednesday morning at 1 am), Contra, Gyruss, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mutant Storm Empire, Small Arms, and several others (that it didn't reveal).

Count on IGN to review Lumines Live tomorrow.

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bohemian 235886d ago

Contra will be fun but I think the fun will be for about five minutes until I think about the other 55 times I beat it over the last 15 years but Paperboy has more of a lasting fun to it. In my opinion of course.

Marriot VP5886d ago

did anybody play the Moses game for NES, that game was bumpin.

Mikey_Gee5886d ago

Not bad enough the 360 has that many AWSOME games coming out that I need 2 more jobs to keep up, but not the XBLA titles are also going to start cutting into my money stash !!!

Nice work MS

I love XBLA

FKN Unbelievable5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

Konami Four player titles

Crime fighters
Sunset Riders
Teenage mutant Ninja turtle 1,2
The Simpsons
The 6 player X-Men
Cause if castle crashers is coming we need more 4 player jump-offs.