Force Electric Feedback – Getting shocked while playing games, the next big thing?

Are electric zaps the new form of mobile force feedback gaming? The system was designed to combat the problem of not being able to simulate feedback via a bigger control unit such as a joystick or steering wheel. Instead, it delivers medically compliant electric shocks to actuate the muscles to replicate the feeling you’d get when holding a controller that has force feedback.

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mcroddi1994d ago

I would rather have a Smellivision!

Noami1994d ago

thats old! nintendo did that technology with :D w getting shocked if u had shorts and used it on ur lap u get shocked on ur legs!

MilkMan1994d ago

Hmm, they really want to tank this industry.

Bad_Karma1994d ago

wow sadomasochistic gaming ...excellent

Jek_Porkins1994d ago

That's the dumbest thing I've heard today, and I just heard about a controller in a teddy bear butt! So it's saying a lot.

Sometimes I think the industry wants to fail.

f7897901994d ago

I think it could be good in a party setting. Fight your friends and make winning all that more fun (and losing that more scary).

Just has to be marketed correctly.

1994d ago
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