Metro: Last Light Tech Details - SSAA, DX11 faster than DX9, Tessellation & PhysX modes Explained

DSOGaming writes: "According to Oles Shishkovtsov, Chief Technical Officer at 4A Games, Metro: Last Light’s DX11 API offers 15% improvement over its DX9 API (provided you use the same settings)."

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john21994d ago

curious to see whether this performance difference is: a) true and b) noticeable

Rivitur1994d ago

Early copies went out last week and this is what they said about iT

The UI has been greatly improved. Metro 2033 was pretty sluggish in the general menu and the HUD was quite generic looking. Last Light greatly improves this with a much faster menu system and a much better UI. The inventory system has a much easier access, simply pressing LB brings up the inventory screen (without pausing the game so watch out there) and you can select your gear/weapons by pressing the trigger/bumpers buttons or the A/B/Y/X keys.

I won't spoil the story to much so I'll just focus on the Xbox 360 build. The game runs pretty good actually. Load times are a lot faster compared to Metro 2033, and the framerate is solid all round. In the first hour or so I played thus far its been a solid 30 FPS as far as my eyes can tell. Even in battle or when on the surface in pretty big area there are no dips in frame rate.

Lighting is a lot better compared to the first game. There are some cool light effects when looking around and light bounces and reflects on most areas. The 360 build does have all the cool wiping off your mask when it gets wet and you get tiny spiders and flies on your mask/screen when you come in contact with any. Was afraid they left that out in the 360 build but it has all the cool effects you see on PC.

It doesn't look as crisp as the trailers witch are obviously PC build, and there are some jaggies here and there but nothing mayor. It's comparable to Metro 2033 in that area. So overall I can say the 360 build looks an plays really solid for the first hours I've played the game. I'm uploading some off screen photos in a sec (sorry guys don't have any capture stuff) to give you some proof.

How are the shooting mechanics? Are they better than they were in Metro 2033?

Shooting mechanics are same-ish I guess. I do notice the response time is slightly better. Also you don't feel like a slugish 100 kg guy anymore; you can walk around and sprint a lot easier now.

are all the physics effects still in the game?

Can't really tell yet as I've only played a fraction yet, so I'll have to play through to that part to really tell. I also found out that you can wipe your mask anytime you want when on the surface so that's awesome, so its not just context sensitive or triggered every X amount of time

Russian language option? Strong narrative? Scary at all?

Russian language is in there, including French German English etc cause it's the PAL version. Also has subtitles in almost every language now (like Dutch), not only English.

Is there any screen tearing? Thats the one thing I hate the most, incessant tearing everywhere.

Have not noticed any yet

In addition to this how is the enemy AI, enemy hit reaction whilst you shoot them etc. I enjoyed the combat in the first Metro but the thing that stood out was there didn't seem to be much enemy reaction to being shot.

Hit detection is much much better. Forgot to mention this, sorry. I also had the impression sometimes in the first game that bullets didn't reach the target or they weren't affected at all. Totally different in Last Light fortunately. Enemies react or get hit back when shot and they don't move in a straight line towards you; they'll try to jump away from your fire or hide in cover. Much better I'd say. Playing on Normal though.

Voice acting is comparable to 2033 I guess. They are using most of the same voices from the first game ( English dialog ), and the script is decent. Story is getting pretty grim, which is a good thing off course. Not really scary as of yet but I guess that will come later on in the story. Some more off screen photos.

Rivitur1994d ago

Here are some more tidbits:

- The crosshair now displays when you hit an enemy and it shows an icon when you kill one. (really useful)
- The music because more fast paced and action packet when you are in battle and returns to normal when every enemy is down or you escaped a battle.
- There is a high pitched violin sound when you almost get spotted. It's a way of staying out of the light and it helps you to see if you are being noticed or not. Quite useful if you ask me.
- Melee kills are a huge, huge plus over Metro 2033. You can quickly take a guy down or you can choose to knock him out if you want a do-not-kill-anyone approach.
- The overall sound and immersion has been improved too. You feel more immersed in the world now with greater ambiance sound and more attention to little details like water dripping or spiders crawling on the floor.
- You carry a lighter around which is really useful to light dark corners or hallways and it helps get rid of spiders and webs, plus it feels more badass then the headlight.
- The game saves more often so you don't have to re-do as much when you die like in Metro 2033

Their are multiple achievements in the game for completing levels without killing anyone. Also one that says complete the game without killing anyone unless forced to so yeah, you can complete the game without killing anyone.

A.I. Seems okay for now. Some situations enemies will come right at you and try to kill you but other time's they'll just stand still or walk right by you without seeing you. Playing at normal right now and seems like a mixed bag untill now. Enemies will react when they see a body or if you turn off or shoot the lights they will investigate. Interested to see if Ranger Mode is that much better/harder.

john21994d ago

pretty interesting summary. Bubble up

OcelotRigz1994d ago

Thanks man!

Playing thru Metro 2033 on the PC now, after ages of tweaking to get it to run smoothly, that aside im loving it. Really dark and atmospheric, you just get completely adsorbed into the game.

Will definitely be getting this one.

ReubenPatrick1992d ago

You gave a lot of detail and a better description than what most mainstream gaming journalist/reviewers.

1994d ago
Hazmat131994d ago

i can see all the vids on youtube PS3 vs PS4, PS4 vs PC, PC vs PS3 and so on still like see the difference. LONG LIVE THE METRO!

Corpser1994d ago

Can't wait for this game. Pc version of course

adorie1994d ago

I need a new graphics card if I want to max this out at playable frames. Damn.

TedCruzsTaint1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Not sure when you were planning to buy, but they are offering a 30% off coupon, good until the game releases, that will drop 25% off the asking price, bringing the price to $37.50.
You'll be able to take advantage of the pre-order bonuses and save a fair bit of cash.
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