Defiance Reaches 1 Million Users Thanks to Successful TV Debut

GR said, "Trion Worlds, the MMO developer behind hits like Rift and the recently released Defiance, has announced that its Sci-Fi themed title has officially reached 1 million users. The open-world, massively multiplayer experience has hit the milestone just one month after its launch on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360."

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MonkeyNinja1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Serious question:

Is 1mil users a decent number for an MMO that's out for three platforms?

I'm not sure if this is just spin or if those are actually good numbers and people are getting excited for the game.

Edit: After researching a little, it seems that even today, 1mil is still pretty nice. Thought the game would fail. Good for them.

Skate-AK1995d ago

Depends on how you look at it. Homefront was not very good and it still sold 2+ million.

zme-ul1995d ago

"successful TV debut" my arse

Axonometri1995d ago

It has nothing to so with the game being fun! No! It is because the show is successful. No I didn't read the article, the headline was enough for me.

Heisenburger1995d ago

People who saw and liked the show went out and purchased the game, which is fun.

I don't see the problem.

" No I didn't read the article.."

But then again, maybe I do.

SolidDuck1995d ago

Well 1 mil is not great, but I think word of mouth is spreading that while not technically a very good game, it is very fun and how many mmo options are there on consoles.

FamilyGuy1994d ago

1 million can be great, it all depends on how much it cost to actually make and support this game.

It doesn't seem super high in production value so there's a good chance they've turned a significant profit already.

In addition to that, as long as the show is doing okay it'll keep bringing in more people that gain an interest in the game. Every episode is an hour long advertisement for the game.

bluegreenman1994d ago

Fine then, you go make a video game that reaches 1 million users.

r211995d ago

IMO if they made this game free to play on consoles, they'd probably have more by now.

Skate-AK1995d ago

Well is kinda is for an MMO. All you have to buy is the game. No subscription fees. Would you rather it be free with subscriptions like DC Universe?

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