Is Playstation Plus Worth It? These Are The Games You'd Have for $50 if You'd Subscribed Last Year

If you were wondering if it was worth paying $50 for a year of Playstation Plus service, you might want to check out this list. These are all the games you'd have full access to if you had been a member for the last year, in addition to the other perks you get with the program.

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yesmynameissumo4060d ago

I have 65 games I got from PS+. Can't recommend the service enough.

ZodTheRipper4060d ago

My 320GB PS3 is stuffed with games ...every month it's the same tough decision which games to remove just to download new ones :'(
First world problems :D

yesmynameissumo4059d ago

Haha! Indeed. I went ahead and upgraded my PS3 to a TB drive. Have 400GB left.

Skips4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Agreed. "First world problems" indeed...

And LMFAO! They give subscribers MUCH more than just games. XD

The 50+ games are literally just extras on top of what I ALREADY get!

Cloud saving, automatic updating, 1 hour full game trials, early beta's, discounted DLC etc.

PS+ is the best service on consoles.

abzdine4059d ago

there are people who pay 50$ to get 65 games and others who pay the same just to have the right to play online the game they bought at retail 60$.

guitarded774059d ago

I went from 80gb to 320gb to 750gb... Now I'm at 1tb. I have 200gb of free space. I'm ready for PS4 now. Better get a 2tb drive :D

All the games on the list are worth playing. Except Chronovolt... that game sucks ass. I love PS+... been a subscriber since day 1. It's worth every penny.

Ritsujun4059d ago

Too many FREE games, too little time to play 'em all.

PS+ subscription:
For only USD 49.99 a year,
you get 65+ PS3/PSVITA/PSN games for FREE every single year at NO extra cost.
I haven't even mentioned other PS+ features.

STREET x KING4059d ago

Why not just get gamefly?!

yesmynameissumo4058d ago

GameFly is an expensive, slow, rip off of a service.

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thechosenone4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Oh it's most definitely worth it.

"The following are the complementary games given out on North American PlayStation Plus from June 2012 - May 2013. This marks one year of the "Instant Game Collection" brand of the service."


IAmLee4059d ago

It's a better than paying just 40 quid to play online..

Jazz41084059d ago

The xbox service offers a heck of alot more then just online. Whether its worth it is questionable now but who am I to say what to spend your hard earned cash on.

iNFAMOUZ14059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

of course you cant recommend it enough your a sony fan, look at your picture with kaz in it photoshopped of valves game durr, this whole site is sony legion, of course they are going to recommend psn even if its not worth it, xbox live is million of light years ahead, but this site will never agree, cause their allegiance is with a japanese company instead of a usa one

MYSTERIO3604059d ago

I think the real question is would you rather spend $50 a year to get access to free apps with XBL or on full retail games with PS+. Personally id prefer the latter.

Philoctetes4059d ago

The thing I like most about Plus is that it prompts me to play stuff that I never got around to or that was never on my radar screen. For example, I never would have played Spec Ops had it not been for Plus, but that ended up being a pretty awesome game. Bioshock 2 and Darksiders aren't in the same league, but they were both good games that I also wouldn't have played if I wasn't a Plus subscriber.

And then of course there are the games on my to-do list that I end up getting for free when they show up in the IGC. I was definitely going to play infamous 2 and Sleeping Dogs at some point during the summer lull. Plus just about pays for itself when these titles like that pop up.

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sherimae24134060d ago

of all those free games and discounts, who wouldnt say it isnt worth it...
besides i will subscribe to ps plus this month! all i need is 2x 16gb memory cards for my vita ^_^

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UnHoly_One4059d ago

I'll be the one to say it. I would be the person to say it isn't worth it. (TO ME)

I suscribed a couple of months ago because Everyone has been raving about it for so long, and I quickly found out that there is a ton of free stuff, but absolutely NOTHING that interests me because I already own all the games I want.

I'm a new game buyer. Every game on PS+ that I have the least bit of interest in I have owned since launch day.

So for someone like me, the service holds absolutely no value. I realize that I am in the extreme minority, but I also realize I'm not going to change. I'm not going to hold off on buying a game I really want so that I can hopefully get it free a year or so later.

Just my opinion, don't flame me too hard.

I realize the service is a great deal to most people, for me, it's just 50 bucks down the drain.

sherimae24134059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

well i understand... ^_^
besides why would you wait for a new game that recently released for about a year or two just to be free on ps plus, unless you are that cheap, right

besides i think the deal with ps plus is to the gamers or subscribers who still havent played those free games, that will be a good deal to anyone who even owned those games by any chance

i can see that you are the type of gamer who buys the games that you want upon release ^_^

despair4059d ago

But it can have some use to you, recent months have seen newly released games free(psn ones anyways) and day 1 discounts that do add up for new game buyers. But I get how it might not be suitable for you on the free games aspect.

aquamala4059d ago

it has more value for those that only play games on PS3/Vita. for someone like me, games like Sleeping Dogs, Spec Ops, Bioshock 2, I would rather play on PC.

GribbleGrunger4059d ago

I just think it's a case of you being extremely unlucky that every game on PS+ is either a game you already own or a game you rejected long before.

UnHoly_One4059d ago

Well it's not that "unlucky", really. I just buy LOTS of games. lol

ZoyosJD4059d ago

1. buy any game you want
2. get PS+
3. sell old disk game that come up on PS+
4. ????
5. Profit!

HiddenMission4059d ago

I see what your saying but I would like to let you know that there have been several cases where I have bought a game new day one only to have it be free on PS+ the following month. Now of course this is not every title but it does show that you don't have to wait a year or two for new titles.

Keep in mind PS+ is still really new and has come a long way since it came out. Now you can see what will be free the next month so in some cases waiting a month can save you money.

Just something to think about.

FunAndGun4059d ago

You are only a trophy level 10 with less then 30 games in your list...I wouldn't call that buying "LOTS of games". Unless of course you don't play them.

It just doesn't seem like you give smaller games any playtime or attention as you only have like 5 PSN games on your list, the rest are disc based.

What games did you even play from Plus when you had your subscription?

Kiddcarter4059d ago

Im not calling you a troll, but i checked your game played list on Psn profiles, and you have only played two of the games that Ps+ offers (inFamous2 and demon souls). Now maybe you played most the games on another system or something, and if so you should state that because as is now it looks like your just trolling the post.

EVILDEAD3604059d ago

@ Unholy one

I agree with you 100%. I was just mentioning this in another article.

PSN+ is an outstanding deal, but it's not worth it if you own a majority of the good games.

I own 17 of the those games on this list alone and the 3 others I'd actually may eventually play aren't worth the money for me.

But, I'm unique I buy a majority of my multi-plats on the 360 (for achievements) and buy the big exclusives and PSN games for my PS3.

I like to buy games new myself. But there's nothing wrong with a backlog and PS Plus definitely is a good way to gain a backlog if that's your thing.

I just like owning games. But, PS Plus is an outstanding deal nonetheless.


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Soldierone4059d ago

I just spent money on a new memory card and I can't buy games now. It's filled with games I bought, plus 2 free ones from PS Plus.

It sucks though, it holds me back. I'm afraid to even buy retail games because I don't want to delete the other ones yet.... and then I can't put music or movies on it either until I buy another card....

kayoss4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Dont say "free" when you are referring to PSN+ games that are offer through the subscription. If an Xbox Fan sees it, they will point out that if you pay $50 then the game is not free.
I like to use the words "really really Heavy discounted" games are offer when you subscribed to PSN+. I also often use the phrase, "65 games come with the subscription" to PSN+. that way they dont start a flame war with PSn+ user and Xbox live users. Its a way to keep the peace among gamers.