Ridge Racer 7 Trailer

Continuing its illustrious history, Ridge Racer 7 returns as a title on the Playstation 3 platform.

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12Volt5886d ago

I've been trying to put my finger on it, I think RR looks great but something always throws me off when I look at it, but i think its this:

The game has great graphics, but its designed with semi-unrealistic textures to fit into its light gaming environment. By light i mean its not as serious as GTHD and for example, it leave fire trails and what not..

So i guess the way it looks is a combo of great graphics with unrealistic dare i say "fun" textures?

Tut5886d ago

Just beautiful. The drifting was portrayed perfectly (save for the unrealistic textures #1 mentioned). I hope the play matches the look.

12Volt I agree with the "fun" textures thing but for me, personally, they won't mean much since they aren't an integral part of the game. As long as I can corner smoothly, see beautiful scenery, and get my butt kicked by some AI then I am entirely happy, maybe even ecstatic.

Retard5886d ago

Never gotten into RR, and it's on its 7th game... Wonder how the reviews will reflect