Megaton Monday – the most important day in videogame news for a generation

It’s been a very long time. As enthusiast gamers we have waited years for solid information about the next generation of consoles. We have prayed for goosebump inducing news that can make us feel the giddy excitement of first love for a new console again. Finally, the wait is almost over. The 10th June 2013 will be an auspicious day because theE3 Expo will feature press conferences from Microsoft and Sony fully revealing their new hardware and games as well conferences from super-publishers EA and Ubisoft who will be outlining their vision for the next-generation of gaming. Make no mistake about it; Megaton Monday will be the most important videogame news day for a generation.

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shivvy242047d ago

man i wake up at 2 am to watch these live , i dont know why but i get extremely excited when e3 comes each year, lol i remember when i screamed like a girl when Resistance 3 was shown at 2011

Sevir2047d ago

At Gamescon 2011. This E3 is the most exciting one in years!

Cloudyday712047d ago

There is going to be so much going on this year. So much news. So much next-gen hardware. So many new games. All in one day. I'm going to do what the article says and buy bottles of Mountain Dew and giant packs of Doritos and sit and watch a whole day of live streaming E3.

Last year was the calm before the storm but this year will be a hurricane. I can't wait!

cervantes992047d ago

It will feel like Christmas morning when I was a kid. Pure F'n EPIC!!!