Wii U Price Slashed on Amazon

GR said, "The Wii U just isn’t flying off the selves like Nintendo had hoped. It felt like only a few months after the launch of the original Wii that everyone and their great grandmother was enjoying the innovative action of Wii Sports and other popular, motion-based titles. That isn’t the case with the dual-screen, HD console, and it looks as if Amazon has slashed the price in order to excite the world about a Nintendo product once again."

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TheBrit2019d ago

I'm sorry but how is knocking of $20 from the basic package and now making it $279 instead of $299 SLASHING the price??!!

That's not SLASHING anything, it's basically knocking off the tax that would have been paid.

raWfodog2019d ago

That's a coupon savings. I was thinking that they knocked off $100-$150 or something.

Oh_Yeah2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Delaware ftw! No taxes here...I would pick up the Wii U but unfortunately all that's available on it is Monster Hunter, ZombieU, and New Super Mario bros...I think it's probably the smart move to wait a year, when it'll be around 200 maybe even cheaper and it'll have more exclusives available.

neogeo2018d ago

I moved from Wilmington DE to Palm Beach FL. Best decision in my life.

Oh_Yeah2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@neogeo that's great I'm from Wilmington, I have family out in Deerfield Beach down's nice and all but I like my cold weather man.

Donnieboi2019d ago

Only $20 off? At least toss in a game. Even a old Wii 1 game would be welcome since Wii U could play Wii games.

kneon2019d ago

$20? That's less than 7% off, not exactly slashing the price are they.

MilkMan2019d ago

This article is a little misleading.
10% off the white WiiU console? Nobody I know even considered that model. They all buy black.

I was all ready to buy a few cause the price was "SLASHED" and I see a picture of the black deluxe set on the article.

I think its more a piece to get hits. You know, "Let's hate on WiiU Day"

2019d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.