Sega and Gearbox respond to Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit

Developer Gearbox calls the lawsuit alleging false advertising "beyond meritless."

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Run_bare2090d ago

This need to happen, it's time for the gaming industry start cleaning up the duds.

A lesson must be teach and hopefully the future is bright for gaming.

scotchmouth2090d ago

We got to keep these guys accountable. Randy goes a bit over the top with his claims

dedicatedtogamers2090d ago

Indeed, "f***ing lol" Gearbox.

ThanatosDMC2090d ago

He's worst than Peter Molyneux. At least Peter, starts his fluffing his games with "imagine a world" or whatever. Randy just outright lied to our faces.

DragonKnight2090d ago

Calling this lawsuit "beyond meritless" is beyond stupidity. Sega and Gearbox provided a demo of content completely absent in the game. The demo gave the impression that you'd be playing a game true to the lore of the Aliens franchise and the game did not represent any aspect of that demo beyond a base adherence to the genre. Aliens:CM has you facing more humans than Aliens and is just a terrible game. I'll link an Angry Joe video that really explains it better at the end.

This class action suit needed to happen so that publishers and developers understand the difference between showing an unfinished product, and showing a product that doesn't and will never exist. We have bullshots, we shouldn't have deceitful demos.

zerocrossing2090d ago

"beyond meritless" my arse! if the footage you're using to intice consumers to buy your game isn't representative of the final product then you are ripping people off and need to be held responsible for it.

MasterCornholio2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

My favorite video on this.

After what they did to Aliens Fans they deserve the lawsuit.

DJ2090d ago

It's fine when the bullshots and "gameplay footage" look slightly better than gameplay. But I agree, the final Aliens games looked NOTHING like the final product.

I have a feeling this lawsuit, whether Gearbox loses or not, is going to have a big ripple effect in the industry.

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