GT6 Penned For November 28th For PS3, Say Racing Websites

"If there are hands-on previews (which we assume there will be, as with all Sony titles of late) chances are they won’t be on PS4 hardware, adding further weight to the PS3-only notion."

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HK5A1993d ago

100% It will be the same as GT5 with minor changes.

M-M1993d ago

You do realize that a lot of work goes into every Gran Turismo game, right? It's not the type of game that has "minor changes" on every new release.

GuyThatPlaysGames1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

"Alot of work", please. You mean how they copy and pasted all the crappy cars into the last game and couldn't have a cockpit view for those cars because they weren't "premium" cars? There is almost 1,000 cars in the game and just over 200 are premium cars. Alot of my favorite cars I was excited to drive, I couldn't enjoy them because no cockpit view but that was all GT5 teased before release. Not to mention that you could clearly tell which cars weren't premium by the terrible car models. They half-assed all the non-premium cars. Everyone can hate all they want but Forza kicks this game's ass.

jimbobwahey1993d ago


To be fair, Polyphony Digital were very honest and upfront about the standard car situation before the game launched. They repeatedly clarified that they were imported from GT4 and had no cockpits, and even released an official video prior to the launch of GT5 to show them.

Obviously if you find the low number of premium cars disappointing that's fair enough (there's plenty of standard cars I wish had seen that treatment) but when Polyphony Digital were so honest and upfront about the matter, I think it's unfair to imply that they mislead customers.

sikbeta1993d ago

Nice! I guess there is no real motive to expect a PS4 version anytime soon, so I can go with the Nextbox + PS3 for some time now...

yewles11993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


""Alot of work", please. You mean how they copy and pasted all the crappy cars into the last game and couldn't have a cockpit view for those cars because they weren't "premium" cars?"

Nope, all standard cars are GTPSP modeles, all for interconnectivity with GT5, that's why you can tranfer all your GTPSP cars to GT5 and even achieve standard versions of cars like the GT-R SpecV.

You also complained about no cockpits for standards when they CLEARLY added them in the Spec 2.0 update. How could you not enjoy what you haven't played?...

SoapShoes1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Um GT4 was a BIG update from GT3 in terms of content and graphics so I don't see why you would think that. GT4 had way better backgrounds and people were actually 3D whereas in GT3 they were flat and paper-like like the PS1 iterations. Not to mention it had a lot more modes and things to do.

Dee_911993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I guess this is how gt5 got "delayed".
Ites posting fake release dates.Then when PD announce the official date for the first time, they claim it got pushed back smh.

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sync901993d ago

I hope to god your wrong. And i can't for the life of me understand why it isn't for the ps4.

M-M1993d ago

They probably started developing GT6 a while after GT5 was released, and there was probably no time to start development on the PS4. Anyways, we'll have Driveclub to make up for GT6 not being on the PS4 =).

Fishy Fingers1993d ago

I'd of certainly liked to have seen a PS4 release, but from a business stand point I can understand why, huge install base, heavy development time/resources spent on their PS3 engine/tech and allows them to establish Drive Club as a new next gen IP without being overshadowed by the GT brand.

Sure we'll see a PS4 GT at some point.

DoesUs1993d ago

3 yrs later is not minor changes. Expect "most" of GT5's technical flaws to be addressed.

Boody-Bandit1993d ago

Most of GT5's technical flaws were already fixed via updates. The only thing they really need to do is add more content, improved physics, maybe add a more intensive car damage model and for all cars models premium. Which I think they will hit on every bullet I listed.

abzdine1993d ago

i didnt know one of PD employees was a N4G member. How can you claim this? Have you seen 2 consecutive GTs that were exactly the same?

from GT6 i'm expecting at least less cars but with more variety this time compared to GT5 and remove those season dealers completely. On top of that lazy players who dont approve the way GT5 was handling crashes because it's relevant from Level20 A-spec I hope this time PD will go full gas with crash from level-1.

chikane1993d ago

just like forza 4 was to 3

MariaHelFutura1993d ago

It's not an annual franchise, so I don't see why you would think such nonsense.

jcnba281993d ago

It's the same game bro give it a rest.

Rageanitus1993d ago

I guess your a beta tester?

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plmkoh1993d ago

Releasing a big name game at the very end of a console life is not unsual. The PS2 got some of the, if not, best games in it's library 2 years into the PS3 release window.

I mean why produce a game for maybe 10 million users when you have 70-80 million.

abzdine1993d ago

and on top of that the 10 million can still play it using Gaikai cause every PS3 game will be streamed. 1 stone 2 hits before a true GT for PS4 comes out!

This makes me think that we'll maybe see a little teaser at E3, who knows?

jay21993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

OMG! I've just spend £140 from 22nd till 28th Nov with this and WD:DEDSET! GT and F1 are the only racing games I'd buy.

Animal Mutha 761993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It will be interesting to see what exactly they have come up with given the time since GT5 and the time it took them to produce GT5 in the first place.

I doubt there is much extra power they can squeeze out of the PS3 and expect the new game to be a modest evolution of GT5. More premium or all premium cars, better cockpit views and some other candy/tweaks.

The highly detailed car models that they are producing to add to the existing premium stable will be useful assets for future development on PS4.

Given how tightly the GT engines are tailored and tuned to the hardware architecture (as was the case on PS2 as well), I wouldn't be surprised If they need to completely write a new one from scratch to suit the X86 PS4. They need more time to do this. My guess Is we will see a GT6 port or new GT game on PS4 about a year into its life.

Looking forward to it.

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