Soul Sacrifice Launches on PlayStation Vita

The long awaited role-playing game (RPG) Soul Sacrifice is now available to purchase in PAL territories, available at retail stores and via download from the PlayStation Network. Soul Sacrifice is a PlayStation Vita exclusive title that revels in its mythological themes and foes.

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rajman2046d ago

It was launched in the UK today

beakeroo12046d ago

I know, that was my point. Everywhere else has had it for days, it's silly. Release this stuff the same time world wide!

rajman2046d ago

Its been like this for many years, US gets their games on a Tuesday and UK gets it on a Friday :(

ApolloTheBoss2046d ago

@rajman Why can't everyone get it on Friday? Nothing like saying hello to the weekend with a new game release.

1nsomniac2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Its been available to buy on the UK PSN store for days, almost bought it on Wednesday...

rajman2046d ago

@ 1nsomniac
No, that was the pre-order....they never release games on the UK store before the official release

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abzdine2046d ago

at least it came out to Europe dont complain!