Okami Announcement Likely for Japan Only, Not a Game

The official Okami Twitter account fired up last week, teasing an announcement for the beginning of golden week, a set of holidays in Japan. Although the same Twitter account was quick to confirm it would not be a new game, it hasn't stopped people getting excited for the possibility of an HD port of Okamiden or an iOS release of the original PS2 classic. Capcom have today confirmed that's not the case, and that actually, the announcement is probably Japanese-only.

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chrispseuphoria2766d ago

It's probably a concert for Okami's soundtrack.

matgrowcott2766d ago

That would actually be pretty great.

mydyingparadiselost2766d ago

I was really excited for another game. Oh well, I guess an Eternal Darkness sequel AND Okami 2 in the same week would rip a hole in the multiverse so I guess it's ok.

Lucreto2765d ago

Boo I was hopeing for a new game.