NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Launches on 23rd May – GeForce GTX 770 Scheduled for May 30th

Fudzilla has got some exclusive information on the upcoming GeForce GTX 780 from NVIDIA, according to them the latest flagship graphic card launches on May 23rd followed by the GeForce GTX 770 on May 30th.

It was already revealed a few weeks back that NVIDIA was about to launch their GeForce 700 series in Mid-May and now we have the exact launch dates for both new GPUs. The previous information also stated that the GeForce GTX 760 Ti would also be included for the Q2 launch lineup but instead launching in May, the GTX 760 Ti would be announced during Computex 2013.

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Pain_Killer2084d ago

Time to upgrade from a GTX 560 Ti. :D

NYC_Gamer2084d ago

I agree,i'll be kicking the 570 out of my rig.

Hydrolex2084d ago

You guys think ill be fine with gtx 670 sli ?

ABizzel12084d ago

Don't waste you money on the 700 series. You're better off getting a GTX 670 since it should be getting a price drop with the 700 series announcement.

On top of that the 700 series seems to be a rebranding of the 600 series, using Titan as the core of each GPU (weaker Titans).

Same goes for AMD's 8000 series. Get the 7000 series for less, unless you you must have a 10% increase in performance and a slight reduction in energy consumption.

Mr Tretton2084d ago

I'll be waiting for 800 series, possibly even 900. I'm digging my EVGA 670 FTW right now.

DrRichtofen2084d ago

@Mr Tretton I'm also lovin my 670ftw edition, things a beast

Autodidactdystopia2083d ago

Dammit I just got a 680 like 3 days ago. is this a tick or a tock??

either way. I would like to announce that I didn't buy it out of impulse It was necessary as my old 6970 crapped out on me but it was my fault I removed the heat pads that went to the heatsink from the ram chips and replaced with thermal paste. didn't notice that contact wasn't there till my pc started shutting off a few days ago (after a year).

otherwise I would've had it well into 2015-16.

but.. it turned out all it needed was new pads and a new application of thermal paste. SO... Now I have a 6970 and a GTX680.

1 Kept original box all packaging driver cds etc. So its perfect to sell. :)

2 Cragslist 6970 $200

3 deduct $200 from the 680 purchase.

4 Profit from upgrade for a fraction of the price of the buy-in. Im good till 2018 :)for roughly $250 bucks.

im just worried I missed the window for a 780 if its way faster or something.

so as I said is this a tick or a tock?

MidnytRain2083d ago

How well/long do you guys think a GTX 660 will hold up?

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Kurylo3d2084d ago

funny thing is ive been surviving with a gtx260 this entire time and have had no problem. These new cards are really just for enthusiasts at this point until developers start making stuff with them significantly in mind lol.

Dude4202084d ago

Yeah well, I'd say the GTX 260 is equivalent to an HD 5770. I went from an HD 5770 to a GTX 560 Ti and the difference in performance and graphics were night and day, especially in 1080p.

But in the end it depends on the person, I sold my 5770 to my brother for $60 and he's been happy with it for 2 years. But he too, said to me he'll upgrade his card soon.

I'm going to wait until NVidia's and AMD's new GPUs arrive, I'm thinking I'll upgrade maybe next year.

GoldPunch-TR2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

cant wait

stubbed_out2084d ago

As soon as Rome TW 2 comes out it's build a new PC day...and maybe take a few days of work too).

ijust2good2084d ago

So a useless upgrade that gives the PC game-geeks orgasm. So much for Maxwell.

natturk2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

This line is a refresh on the 600 series with some variations so no this is not maxwell.

Kurylo3d2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

i wouldnt say useless. If they want 100 fps at ultra resolution.. with every graphics setting maxed out... that is certainly a use. Im still cool with my gtx260 until i cant get 30 fps at 1900x1200 resolution with most of the settings on max for most games.

plus... u really sound angry that pc people want the best possible pc. and your chatting on a video game website and u dont consider yourself a geek? lol man your a hater... get over urself.

Pain_Killer2084d ago

Its mentioned that the GeForce 700 series would be based on a Kepler refresh.

GeForce Maxwell GPUs won't arrive until 2014 as officially announced by NVIDIA.

ijust2good2084d ago

So entire 700 series is using over a year old kepler architecture. Not a huge leap then...The high end of 700 series is worse than titan.

Letros2083d ago

Titan is the fastest GPU ever made, why would you expect the 780 to beat it, however it'll come close.

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