“Fire Emblem: Awakening” PureSophistry Review


"I’ll cut to the chase after that rather irrelevant monologue above; Fire Emblem: Awakening is the reason that you, sitting there without a 3DS, need to go out and get one. Being a newcomer to the series and a stranger to the genre, I booted up the game with medium expectations, as whilst I thought I’d probably get a decent amount of enjoyment out of the game, it probably wasn’t going to set my world alight. First order of business was to create my avatar; a tallish red-mohawked man called “Hank”. This character, whilst central to the plot of the game, is not necessarily considered the main character. That duty falls upon Chrom, prince of the land of Ylisse and leader of its peacekeeping force, the “Shepherds“. Other major characters include Frederick, a duty bound knight of noble posture and utter dedication to his role in protecting Chrom and his sister, who acts as a healing character and, whilst somewhat falling into the loud yappy stereotype of “young girl written by Japanese game developers”, still manages to carry a lot of charm and not once was what many ignorant western gamers like myself would call “stoopid and annoyin’”. This handful of lead characters is but a tenth of the full roster, as in your journey, you will recruit around forty troops to your cause, all with distinct personalities and interwoven relationships. Possibly one of the most charming features of the game is the ability to have your characters engage in conversation with each other after their interactions on the battlefield (more on this shortly), thus allowing them to build friendships and work together better when dispatching enemies."

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