Naughty Dog posts dozens of job openings, next-gen reveal imminent?

by Fraser Miller

An insane amount of job listings were posted this evening by mighty Naughty Dog Jobs Twitter account. The storied PlayStation developer is seeking new employees in positions ranging from art to audio, design to marketing, and everything in-between.

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ShugaCane1998d ago

ND is going to teach everybody what next-gen means. I can't wait for the lesson !!

abzdine1998d ago

me neither!
Those guys are Naughty!! If a new Uncharted is announced i think i'll cry :D

ABizzel11998d ago

While I wouldn't snuff at a new Uncharted, I hope it's something new.

Uncharted 3 was a good game, but it stumbled in some places, and IMO it needs a quick rest (maybe their second game can be the next Uncharted), but as Naughty Dog said their a 1 IP per generation kind of studio (Last of Us doesn't count, since there are two studios now).

Hmmm Let's see. Crash ----> Jak -----> Uncharted -----> ?????

Whatever it is it'll likely be Action-Adventure, gun based combat, with platforming elements, and maybe a sense of humor.

Uncharted + Bioshock + Tomb Raider + FarCry 3 + MGS4 = A dream TPS come true for me.

ZodTheRipper1998d ago

It will almost definately be a new Uncharted to promote the PS4 launch. But I also hope, that they'll try out a lot of new things next gen (just like TLOU)

Freak of Nature1997d ago

I would bet on a new Uncharted. I hope to see them come out each year with a new game now that they are a two team studio, each game series taking turns every other year. And looking to add more talent is only a good thing, as a studio like this will attract top level talent, allowing them to really give us the best possible experiences...

I think with UC2 they reached the top peak, and with UC3 they hovered near it. If there will be a new UC4, I think they will have to evolve somewhat, possibly giving a more sandbox open World experience, but still staying within the UC formula, not straying away too far.

The graphics and physics, A.I. will all be a leap above, but I would hope they get more creative in the stealth department, more like TLOU, and can intermingle the puzzles/climbing/exploration/f ighting in a more cohesive manner, not separating each style too much. Make the jumping climbing more of a threat, not almost automatic for example, deeper puzzles, more alternate routes even within the sand box, choices that the player has to make instead of being lead by the nose through corridor sections.

The series is a top 3 one this gen for me, and I really want to see more, but see it evolve, because UC3 showed me that it is time for them to expand there horizons, but hopefully while doing so keep there magic touch, don't lose base with it...

GraveLord1997d ago

4 people are Xbox fanboys.(and counting)

Thatguy-3101997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Mean while Nintendo studio's are short in staff O.o lol Wouldn't be surprised if talented individuals that got laid off from different studios join the team. That's why Sony keeps pumping quick exclusives. The development teams are huge making them work on more than one project . Can't wait to see what they come up with.

sherimae24131998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

i want to study in programming or in any game development related studies... but i cant... T_T

LOGICWINS1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

As I am in love with gaming, I majored in Programming as a Freshman in college in hopes of one day programming games for a living. VERY tough subject. You have to be extremely passionate about the material in order to excel.

If you ever truly want to get into programming, I suggest that you take some FREE courses online first before going for a degree

What AAA game devs like ND and GG do is nothing short of astonishing. People don't realize how complex this stuff really is.

sherimae24131998d ago

really is that for real! i mean i can study online without fees? i going to check that site now. i just want to know/learn even just the basics of programming..
and thanks for the info and help ^_^

Tei7771998d ago

You can always get into the art departments. 2D Art, textures, 3D models, animations.
Alot of the software you can get for free as part of a educational license, then from there you start looking up video tutorials. the best tutorials require you buy them, but there are always ways around that *cough* torrent * cough*

Natso1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

A Degree won't get you a job in the game industry; A strong portfolio consisting of "Projects of Passion" will.

Start out with these, and see which aspect of development you're passionate about the most. Then start making stuff; With or without a team.

I truly recommend the Walker Boy's tutorial on Unity. It's 72+ hours long, but it'll take you from not knowing how to code ANYTHING, to being fairly competent in Javascript.

Art takes patience.

Coding takes patience.

Design takes patience.

No matter what you want to go for, you'll have to put your best effort in regardless.

sherimae24131997d ago

thanks a lot onii-chan, your right i need tons of patience and will do my best, somebody also recommends me about unity because its a user friendly engine but i need to learn the basics first, this will be along way and hardwork, thx again ^_^

Anonagrog1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

If you are confident in your ability to self-teach you will find a wealth of information available on the net that can take you all the way to where you want to go. Even for a topic such as games programming, you'll find masses of info.

You need to figure out your overall direction first, and then devote time to picking up a programming language. The professional games industry will use C/C++ (C plus plus) for pretty much all areas of development. C# (C sharp) may also be used though depending on the job role or game. The rationale behind these will be become clear as you move along.

Try checking out websites like - their forums are populated by developers of all levels or experience, capability and knowledge. Google is your friend though, as there are a plethora of sites all over the place with golden info; forums, tutoring sites, blogs, research papers, developer presentations. Here are some other useful sites to get going with:-,,,,,

Don't forget books too - there are plenty of great programming and game dev books; 'C++ for Games Programmers' by Noel Llopis (a bit old, but still great. Noel's online blog is great as well - look him up); 'Game Coding Complete' by Mike McShaffry; and, whilst we're on the topic of 'Naughty Dog', there's also 'Game Engine Architecture' by ND's own, Jason Gregory. There are also books that target specific areas (e.g. graphics, collision detection, etc), but these would be further down the line for you - just know they exist though.

There are events that occur throughout the year, such as 'GDC' ('Game Developer Conference'), 'Develop', 'Siggraph', amongst others. With them we get truck-loads of developer presentations in all areas of development. They have proven invaluable to me over the years. Look up the GDC website and all the presentations available. Seek them out through individual dev websites (e.g.,, etc.). Don't forget the 'references' section of the books you read!

Once you feel comfortable with programming, you could try playing around with one of the free development kits available. The two easiest are 'Unity' and Epic's 'Unreal Development Kit', but we also have Crytek's 'CrySDK', which provides a lot of C++ access to gameplay level code. (None will provide access to engine-side code for free, mind).

Finally, be aware that there are hundreds upon thousands of blogs out there from so many experienced people. The sheer amount of first-hand accounts and in-depth knowledge available is borderline overwhelming.

Have fun and good luck with it all. It's certainly not easy, but if, like me, you find yourself loving it... it's well worth it.

sherimae24131997d ago

thank you, thank for all the help and info guys
i know its not easy, but im gonna do all my best ^_^
gaming is my passion anyways ^_^

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Arai1998d ago

That's like almost a full team, dev department 3?

shivvy241998d ago

team 3 ! Jak and Daxter may return

Ilovetheps41997d ago

If they made another Jak and Daxter, that'd be amazing. And I want a Jak and Daxter by Naughty Dog, not a third party studio. I'm probably one of the few, but that is my favorite series by Naughty Dog so far.

Bathyj1998d ago

Next gen Naughty dog reveal at E3 is pretty much a given.

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