Solid Snake Explains Why 360 Can't Handle MGS4

IGN - There is a good reason why Metal Gear Solid 4 never came to 360, and who better to explain why than Solid Snake himself?

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vishmarx1994d ago

so mgs4 will inevitablebly end up on the 720 if disk space is the ONLY problem...
bye bye exclusivity

Qrphe1994d ago

I doubt losing exclusivity of a 5-year old game is of little relevance. Just look at the sales of the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3.

vishmarx1994d ago

its about the whole series...

mgs2,mgs3,mgs4,peacewalker all were ps exclusives

Snookies121994d ago

@vishmarx - The MGS HD collection has MGS2, MGS3, and Peacewalker on 360 already though. So in actuality, only MGS4 is a PS exclusive now.

abzdine1994d ago

MGS4 was a true MG game with huge disc space needed for all cinematics and content. This makes me think that MGSV will be much smaller in terms of content and i really hope it will turn up to be a good game and not cut too many things just to make it fit on 2 DVDs

GrieverSoul1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Anyone who played MGS4 knows why this game cant be ported to xbox360 or any other console besides a PlayStation branded one.

The amount of puns and nodes to bluray, apple, dvds, dualshock, mgs1 references, controls, buttons names being in the audio (triangle, dualshosk, square, etc...).

To sum it up, a port of this game would involve a lot of work to rearrange audio files (summon the original cast to recorde entire sentences) , ingame graphics (remove DS3 controller for MK control, apple logos, etc).

I mean, if the xbox or any other console got a MGS4 porto, it wouldnt bother me one bit, but from a cost perspective, I dont see Konami doing this, honestly. Better keep it on PlayStation.

MastaMold1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

@vishmarx, only MGS and MGS4 are exclucives to PlayStaion. PirateThom knows wassup

NarooN1994d ago

Actually even MGS1 isn't a PS exclusive. It came out on PC as well.

MikeMyers1994d ago

It would actually likely be 3 or 4 discs, not 7 like Hayter said. It also wouldn't be an issue swapping discs as the PS3 version wasn't seamless from chapter to chapter either. You had long waits in-between and going back to previous chapters wasn't very easy either.

I never understood why Sony never allowed full game installs. It was a stupid limitation. You had mandatory installs just to play but couldn't install the full game.

We may see a full MGS collection on the new Xbox and possibly all upscaled too, and on the PS4 one day. I also think MGS4 had an exclusive deal between Konami and Sony which also prevented it from being released on other platforms.

zeee1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

MGS4 is such an incredible game, I wish our brothers on 360 platform were able to play this game. Really, this is an awesome game! I even played the heck out of MGO!

If you own a PS3 and haven't played Metal Gear Solid 4 then I ask you, why are you reading this? Go grab a brand new copy! It's so cheap now :)

If you don't own a PS3 and were planning to buy one but still undecided then believe me, this and Uncharted series alone are going to give you the bang out of your bucks.

If you can't afford to buy a PS3 or just don't want to get one then I hope they'll release MGS4 on the next MS console. Every gamer should play this game :)

To quote my British friends... "Cheers mate!"

stragomccloud1994d ago

Except MGS2 substance was also on xbox and PC, and MGS3 showed up on the 3DS. Also the whole HD collection is also now on the 360.

fr0sty1994d ago

@Mike Meyers

MGS4 filled a 50gb dual layer blu-ray. With 360 DVDs only being able to hold 7gb, it would take 7 dvds to equal 49GB.

Kurylo3d1994d ago

Truth is the only reason it took up so much disc space is the silly fact that they didn't compress the videos or sound enough like they should have. Making the prerendered videos in game be dvd quality instead of blue ray quality... will hardly hurt the game. So yes there has to be another reason we are not seeing for it not being on xbox360. Certainly wasn't the "power of the ps3" The game, which I love, wasn't graphically significant.

MikeMyers1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

fr0sty, the size is actually closer to 32GB.

Kojima also said the 'WHOLE' collection would be on 6 discs for the Xbox 360 and 2 blurays for the PS3.

fr0sty1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Reducing the cinematics to DVD quality and dropping the audio from 8 channel uncompressed 24 bit to 6 channel compressed 16 bit does impact the gameplay quality, when you factor in that a very large portion of what creates the MGS gameplay experience are it's cinematics (it should be noted 360 is only capable of outputting 16 bit compressed audio in surround, either in Dolby Digital or DTS.). Reducing those to DVD quality on an HD game being played on an HDTV is creating a lower quality experience than what Kojima envisioned for the series.

Koji has always been a perfectionist, even making his artists pay attention to small details like the breath coming out of snake's mouth being visible in the cold outdoor levels of MGS1. To ask him to take the cinematics he spent all that time directing and producing and reduce their pixel count by 6 times just so it can fit onto a few DVDs is too much for him to stomach. He wants MGS4 to be experienced as it was meant to be, and only as it was meant to be.

@Mike, yeah, 5 DVDs would have likely held the game, but still far too much to bother with. Changing discs after every section pretty much, and having to worry about losing a section or it getting scratched. I can see why Kojima just didn't bother. Not to mention all the playstation specific content written into the dialogue.

insomnium21994d ago


Actually in case you don't know MGS 4 now has full install option. It was patched in along with trophies.

MikeMyers1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I would think the majority of console gamers either don't care or notice the difference in audio quality going from DTS Master to DD 5.1. Most people don't even care about ITunes music quality and AAC compared to lossless codecs like WAVE and flac.

As I said, the PS3 game does not benefit much by being on one disc anyways. It must have a partial install that takes awhile and in-between chapters there are also long loading times. You could easily swap discs much faster.

The real problem is Microsoft charges higher royalties for games that require more than 2 discs. MGS also sells much better on the Playstation than the Xbox due to its history and Japanese consumer support. It also has bits and pieces that reflect the PS3 hardware built in. I think there was a partnership between Konami and Sony for why it was never ported. What stopped it from coming to the PC?

Needless to say it won't be coming to the Xbox 360.


Thanks for the update but what is the install size then?

According to this its only just over 9GB.

_-EDMIX-_1994d ago

@adzdine- one would think that but I think with Kojima's pedigree he's shown that he won't jeopardize one of his games just for the sake of going multiplatform. he even build this new engine specifically to be scalable across systems. another thing to note Metal Gear Solid 5 is open world like MGS3 it's very likely that Kojima got Microsoft to allow him to do an install.

@ the rest. weather its 32 gigs 40 gigs 50 gigs it doesnt matter its the fact that it's bigger than the normal DVD9. weather the game was cut into segments, compressed uncompressed at the end of the day it doesn't matter they need space to make a damn game. many people that keep questioning what the team could have done to compress or limit the game to fit on DVD 9 seem to be almost delusional you guys do understand that Metal Gear Solid 3 used the same space that fits on a DVD 9?

think about it like this would you asked square to limit, take away, compress hinder Final Fantasy 7 to fit on the N64? I don't think anyone needs to ask a creator to begin changing their damn game to fit on a dated format.

games like Killzone 2/3 Metal Gear Solid 4, LA noire, Gran Turismo 5, uncharted, The Last of Us, Max Payne 3 etc are not just unusually large uncompressed games. they are actually very natural progression of gaming. we used DVDs last generation and we used DVDs this generation how is that progression?
So you're asking for sequels to gta san andreas and Metal Gear Solid 3 but you want them on DVD again?

so exactly how is the game supposed to progress or add on new features all while using the same damn space?

you want to know why GTAIV sucked and why Final Fantasy 13 is the worst in the series? here's a hint they're not the creators of Metal Gear Solid or Kojima. you either make it on one platform it capable of being made on or you force Microsoft's hand to allow an install. what upsets me the most is I truly believe that Rockstar could have gone Microsoft to allow such a thing Square could have as well. instead we saw both games in the series Limited hindered in made with 8 gigs in mind.
I'm a gamer before anything else, there's just no excuse for this. remember why Final Fantasy 7 never made on the N64. I'm sorry but any fool that thinks Square should limit in hinder Final Fantasy 7 to fit on 78 Mb iis mad. I would rather have what would initially p Final Fantasy 7 and have 0 n64 version if it meant keeping the integrity of the game. at the end of the day I'll take a game on one platform that's 100 percent then a game on two platforms that's 20 percent.

remember games this generation were being made with 8 gigs in mind because they had no choice.

BitbyDeath1994d ago

@ the 46 second mark they say "MGS4 will require 7 discs on the system"

MikeMyers1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

_-EDMIX-_, Final Fantasy was also on multiple discs on Playstation systems. In fact FFVII was on 3 discs wasn't it? Wasn't that game also the most popular?

MGS4 could easily have been on multiple discs since the game on the PS3 was already broken up into chapters with long load times. I think some of you people are making it a bigger issue than it really is having games on multiple discs. The PS2 had games on multiple discs too yet people didn't seem to complain as much back then. Some games like Star Ocean were broken up poorly on the Xbox 360 so yes, at times the DVD format does severely hurt the game but that is also largely due to Microsoft not having a hard drive on every system. I think that is a bigger problem than the DVD format. How many PC games use bluray?

"they are actually very natural progression of gaming. we used DVDs last generation and we used DVDs this generation how is that progression?"

Isn't the PS4 also using bluray? How is that progression? Shouldn't we be using holographic discs? The Xbox 360 was the first system. It came out a year before the PS4 and it also never cost $500 for a basic model or $600 for the preferred model. It was $300-400. The Wii never used bluray either. Neither did PC games. Sony was the only one and the consumer paid a hefty fee for one a year after the Xbox 360 came out. In 2005 it would have added the price way too high to have a HD-DVD or bluray drive in every system.

GTAIV sucked? Now that's funny. You're whole ramble reeks of ignorance. You can also buy PS3 exclusives on the PS3 store. You don't need bluray to play them either.

BitbyDeath, isn't that from Hayter, a voice actor? I already showed the link to what Kojima said.

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TheLyonKing1994d ago

It doesn't really matter too much mgs hasn't always been on ps it's been on GameCube I think it was and the mgs HD collection is on Xbox so really doesn't matter.

It's kinda like FF it went multi but most of the sales were on PS will be same with mgs I think.

Qrphe1994d ago

Although many got to know MGS through PlayStation, MGS was also released on the Dreamcast (it also had a Gameboy Color port [no, really it did]).

PirateThom1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

MGS was not released on Dreamcast, there was a thing called "Bleemcast" was basically let the Dreamcast play PS1 games.

The GBC game, also, wasn't a port, it was a brand new game. It's actually an alternative story to MGS and branches from the timeline. It takes place after Metal Gear.

Cueil1994d ago

original MGS 1 was on PC and PS1... 2 was on PS2, Xbox and 3 was PS2 only until the recent rerelease... what's annoying is that the reason that people sited 4 not being on the 360 is backwards from 3... that was exclusively released on the weakest console last gen

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1994d ago Replies(3)
Jigga691994d ago

Too late and I dare say already old gen. It's like MGS 2 HD on 360, nobody cares : too old because people who wanted the game already finished it.

MGS4 was cool... but seems totally irrelevant now when you see Beyond Two Souls ou THe Last Of Us.

vishmarx1994d ago

i agree.
the programming of the game was rather odd...
changing controllers,ps1 emualtion,that splitscreen scenario...
that cant be simple

HeavenlySnipes1994d ago

And the fact that the game was made for the cell processor. It will be very time consuming to port the game to a different architecture. Also pointless, seeing how the game is 5 years old and all and they won't be making much profit off of it

josephayal1994d ago

Im glad Microsoft are using Blu- Rays for the next gen, I hope they do bring out MGS4 on 720

GraveLord1994d ago

Like anyone cares anymore lmfao. Don't hold your breath though.

kayoss1994d ago

Well just think it as this way. Us PS3 fans were graced with Mass Effect series which were PC and Xbox exclusive. If the MG series goes to the 720 that would be fine. Maybe just Maybe Bungie will release the Halo series on the Playstation. I know its wishful thinking, but who knows.

shadow27971994d ago

Microsoft own the IP rights to Halo. It will always be exclusive unless they do a PC version.

IAmLee1994d ago

yeah, it'll be getting released around about the same time as Halo 5 on the PS4...


ijust2good1994d ago

They will elease it for Xbox 720 as a lunch title

ZBlacktt1994d ago

The last time a new MS console came out. We had years of RROD. Lets not have MGS4 kill the new one, lol...

KwietStorm1994d ago

Yes, exclusives. What's your point? I'm not going to sit here and list the 360 exclusives that went to PS3 in a subtle generation, because that would be childish. Do you take some kind of joy in a console "Losing" an exclusive?

TheThing1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

so there you have it, don't bother with the legacy collection because a 1080p 60 fps collection is going to come out anyways.

Gaming_Guru1994d ago

At: vishmarx

Your comment would be a perfect example of someone being a bias fanatic, so instead of buying it on the PS3 to enjoy it, you would rather wait for it to possibly hit other platforms in the next generation?

For the fact the Cell speaks a completely different language than any other platform - that most developers found difficult - they would have to rewrite the whole code just to make it possible.

Neo-Axl1994d ago

Doubt it, they would have to remove the in-game Apple computers that are featured in cut scenes & game play, as well as the PSP Sunny plays with, the PS3 in the Nomad, the Sony mobile phones, and the Dualshock 3 controller Snake uses to control Mk.2.

Oh! and the PS3 codec call Otacon gives you during Chapter 4, MGS4 isn't going anywhere I'm afraid.

TBONEJF1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

FYI IT PLAYED IN FULL HD 1080P. not 720P stop being a troll. its the BEST EXCLUSIVE ON the PS3. you're system wasn't even design too play it on the xbox 360

ATi_Elite1994d ago

MGS4 plays very well on my PS3 Emulator and in 1080p too.

ps3_pwns1994d ago

mgs4 is awesome buy a ps3 and play it. dont know how people can skip it and be hyped about metal gear solid ground zeroes. you arent really a fan of mgs if your skipping games so dont try to act like you are hyped for the new mgs games if you cant or dont even play the old ones. kind of dumb.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141994d ago

Hopefully.360 missing out on one of the best this gen because of shameful dvd.

tsk tsk

LOL_WUT1994d ago

Well that settles it ;)

DivineAssault 1994d ago

MS has to adopt a new disc format.. Its inevitable for them to use blu ray or have some type of proprietary disc.. Even wii u has blu rays so i dont see how MS can dodge the situation unless they go full digital which is suicide.. Flash cards maybe? but there goes the blu ray movie playback.. Ya, theyre going blu ray or going home in tears

Godmars2901994d ago

The thing is if its true that their next system will only run games off the HDD, that disc based titles will only be installed, then MS could very well keep using DVDs. It wont really matter besides esthetics.

DivineAssault 1994d ago

they could but many people will want to watch their blu ray movies on the device so they need it.. In 2016 or so, less people will be using dvds for their movies.. They can always buy a cheap blu ray player but thats just more clutter for the living room.. PS4 would end up a better choice as an all in one device

GalacticEmpire1994d ago

"...unless they go full digital which is suicide"

Never go full digital