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IGN Italia: "Soul Sacrifice is a truly excellent game, very playable and accurate in every detail. It inherits from its genre some degree of repetitiveness at times, it is a little slow at the start, but keep playing it to unveil one of the best experiences you can live... not only on a PS Vita."

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dedicatedtogamers2084d ago

But IGN here in America told me the game was a 7.7. They even made a video on launch day reminding me (just in case I was mistaken) that Soul Sacrifice is NOT going to be a killer app for the Vita!

BitbyDeath2084d ago

Everything is better in Italia

WildArmed2084d ago

While I do believe that re-iterating the fact that IGN (US) did not "love" the game was pretty petty, I think it's up to the reviewer to decide how he/she feels about the game.

I mean it's obvious we all have our preference of types of games, so do reviewers. I do not follow Collin as a reviewer, so I do not know what type of games he likes; or whether we have a common opinion about games.

When I find a reviewer that has similar opinions about games, I tend to give those review significance when trying to figure out if the game is right for me.

Personally, two reviewers that seem to hit it home (more often, than not -- for me) are Sessler and Angry Joe. I take their reviews seriously when considering a game.

So basically, in this wall of text:

tl;dr - find a reviewer w/ similar opinions, and follow his/her reviews. Don't' worry about the rest.

LOGICWINS2084d ago

Angry Joe works EXTREMELY hard on his reviews. I'm surprised he hasn't hit 1 million subscribers yet.

hulk_bash19872084d ago

IGN Italia has my kind of taste. Really enjoying this game right now.

Kietz2084d ago

To be fair, the score IGN gave it is rather spot-on when compared to the overall metacritic score for the game, which, right now, sits at a 76.
Waiting for Giant Bomb's review. One of the only sites whose opinion I actually care to hear.

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Kalowest2084d ago

I you like Monster Hunter, you'll love Soul Sacrifice.

H4all2084d ago

Ign italia give positive review..
and say the truth about how they feel..

LOGICWINS2084d ago

How do you know they're telling the truth about how they feel as opposed to other critics? What evidence do you have to support this?

LOGICWINS2084d ago

@Disagrees- God forbid someone on N4G is asked to back up what they write


TedCruzsTaint2084d ago

This is N4G.
There is little room for reasoning. Too much pandering to the masses.

bothebo2084d ago

Because IGN openly acknowledged that money plays a factor in their reviews:

LOGICWINS2084d ago

And how do we know the same thing doesn't go on with IGN Italia?

FriedGoat2084d ago

Because nobody cares about Italy.

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talocaca2084d ago

I think anything less than 8.5 is a bit is a very good if flawed game.

Like when people give Halo's, MGS's and others 3's and 4's....doesn't make any sense.

Just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's bad....

Anyway, time to vote with your wallets!

strigoi8142084d ago

Wow what an insult to american IGN lolz

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