The Next Xbox – Microsoft’s Battle With The Consumer

NGB: This past Monday, my Xbox LIVE gold subscription expired. Normally, I’d have jumped on it and made sure I’d either had a rolling subscription or a cheap code purchased online, but this time, I couldn’t bring myself to fork out the cash to renew for another year. My four-year tenure with Microsoft’s “premium” service has come to an end. I can’t foresee a time in the coming months when Microsoft can woo me back either, because based on recent events, it seems they’re waging some kind of war on their own consumers.

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GalacticEmpire2088d ago

TBH it's probably best not to renew right now, at least until we see what direction the Xbox brand is taking after may 21st. Hopefully MS will dismiss the harmful rumors surrounding Xbox 3 at the event, I don't know why they haven't come out and dismissed them sooner, makes me wonder if they're true.