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Elder Geek: "A few bugs can be overlooked if a game is fun enough. Gameplay will always rule over graphics! But the only cure for a boring game, is to play something else entirely. We can say with all sincerity, this was the most boring game we’ve played and reviewed this year. It pains us, but the original is better in almost every conceivable way. We can never get back the 13 hours of game time we put into playing and completing Riptide or the time spent writing this review and editing together this video. The most we can do is help prevent another soul from wasting their hard earned money and time."

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BattleTorn2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Huh, while I agree with the complaint that the game is far much easier than the first - which I don't like - I don't see how they think the first was so much better.

If you liked the first, I'd say you'll like this one.

And obviously, if you hated the first, you'll undoubtably hate this one.

Good, honest review though. :)