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FEZ went last year for Xbox 360 and wondered players. The criticism was unanimous praise FEZ and its creator marked by the presence in the documentary Indie Game The Movie, which showed its troubled development process. Years passed but hype FEZ remained relatively large and after their period of glory in the Xbox now comes to the PC.

FEZ is an indie game of Polytron Corporation. It is a platform game with puzzles usual but without any emphasis on fighting. No alias any violence in the game, with those who compare the experience of playing FEZ with a relaxing stroll in a fantasy world, however I do not share this idea because FEZ made me pull the head, something that did no walk today.

Despite its great quality and good reception FEZ suffered some problems in Xbox game that marked the negative and the delay of a patch due to the amounts requested by Microsoft were a hot topic for a while. These problems have been left behind in this new version or beyond the quality you receive the PC version with the same problems?

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