Call of Duty X: 10 games later, why fans still care

Despite all the negativity surrounding the Call of Duty series, each game manages to outsell the last. After 10 games, what do fans keep coming back? Andrew Yoon of Shacknews investigates.

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threefootwang3091d ago

I would say the majority of fans stopped caring after the first Modern Warfare, back when Infinity Ward actually knew how to make a proper shooter. In all fairness, I enjoyed the single player campaigns of all three MW games, but after MW1, the multiplayer was beyond retarded.

The rest of the "fan" base are all the incredibly annoying 12 year olds who bitch with words they shouldn't even know about yet.

shivvy243091d ago

havent bought cod since COD4 !

Boody-Bandit3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

On "my" (quoted to pertain to MY friends list and not passing my friends list off as a fact) friends list I have more people playing COD4 than Black Ops 2.

I usually end up getting them all but I grow bored of them in a couple weeks of casual playing. COD4 was my favorite version.

Irishguy953091d ago

Because they are casuals.

gamernova3091d ago

Fans still care because CoD is fun. It's the same thing and over pretty much but when you are with friends, you don't really pay attention to that. You just want to play with your friends and this game lets you do that in a formula that has proven to work.

Kingthrash3603091d ago

no matter what...cod is like mario...people will flock to it regardless.

venom063091d ago

i love all these stupid article trying to "explain CoD despite the negative comments about it" .... there's a reason why theres so many negative about.. that's what needs to be written about... maybe then, a CoD game thats actually good, that wont have people raging 5 months after release can actually be made..

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