5 Reasons the PlayStation 4 Will Be a Must Own Console for Gamers

Gamnesia: "The PlayStation 4 is a grand machine thus far, with its souped up graphical capabilities, all the social interaction you could want, streaming game services, and generally feeling like a neat evolution on the standard gaming medium.

We as of yet know little confirmed information about the Next Xbox (May 21st needs to be here right now… seriously) and we know just about all we’re going to know about the Wii U until we get more software announcements. There is still likely so much more to show off for the PS4, but right now I can already tell this is going to be a must have console in the next 3 years (giving people time to afford it and for it to build a library you want)."

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dcbronco1995d ago

Oh, God. Another dumb ass fanboy piece of crap article. Yes, yes it's all about "teh" exclusives. Sharing my gameplay is all the rage. Really? How many actually use YouTube now. I bet most don't. Not because it's hard. But because outside of sharing an occasional clip with a friend, no one cares. I too am hoping for a huge leap. But let's stop calling it before the consoles launch. I remember a lot of unrealized target videos. Forget Killzone. Remember the Madden. And the promise of no load screens. A little pre-mature on that. The only complaint on Windows 8 was Metro(which was blown out of proportion). Otherwise, it was faster and the specs needed were less than Windows 7. Stupid reason based on stupid sheep rage. And everyone offers sales. Not like Steam. Microsoft may be late to the big constant sales thing, but they are pushing them hard now.

Fanboy rant. Come with some real reasons.

GalacticEmpire1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

That was the most emotionally upset, knee-jerk, rage fueled rant I've ever read on N4G... OK, maybe not, but it's up there.

Nobody was even "calling" anything. Are you saying the writer must be a fanboy just because he thinks the PS4 will be a "must own" console? He didn't even say that the third Xbox wouldn't be good or even make any sort of comparison. Yes, he has a personal gripe with Windows 8 but that's his opinion and I don't see how it justifies the hate filled rant you brought down on him.

I suggest counting to ten before you comment on opinion pieces you strongly disagree with.

On topic: Just from the little that we know so far, PS4 is shaping up very nicely indeed. It will definitely become a 'must have' console, just like every other Playstation console.

MaxXAttaxX1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I've been reading most of his other comments on this page... he's insane.

He took the article as an attack, made it personal and went on the attack.
He says he's not mad, but he clearly hates that people are hyped for the PS4. He wants people to stop getting excited for it and for any of its new features or exclusive games and content because apparently those don't matter at all. Also, YouTube is a dead website that no one uses in his delusional mind. All because we haven't seen the new Xbox yet.

So basically the fans are not allowed to be excited for the PS4 until they see the new Xbox. Which I don't think that'll change much either way.
He agrees with 'SDF Repellent' who admits to lean towards the Xbox despite knowing less about it than we know about the PS4. I guess 'dcbronco' is ok with that.

No one really said that the PS4 will be indisputably better than the Xbox. They're rumored to be about equal. So who cares. Maybe the new Xbox will be technically better, maybe it will suck. We don't know that yet. But what I do know so far is that the PS4 is turning out to be a compelling system that will continue to deliver more of what I want as a gamer and you, dcbronco, cannot change that fact.

AbsoluteZelda1995d ago

Interesting. Considering I am primarily a "Nintendo Fanboy", it was actually interesting to me that I could come up with such compelling reasons to own a console from a company I have been opposing for years.

The PlayStation 4 does look nice as is just from what we already know. How many people use YouTube? Consider this: It's the #3 most visited website in the entire world.

I venture to guess that yes, a lot of PlayStation gamers use YouTube. In fact, go to youtube and look up PS3 gameplay. There are thousands upon thousands of pages of people playing games.

The "huge leap" isn't a leap in the traditional sense - it's not going to blow away current top tier PC's - it's going to directly compete with them. Meaning, in essence, a top end PC bought now lasts for a good 5 to 6 years before you really need to upgrade it fpor a new game. Same is likely true for the PS4. Heck, the PS3 lasted 8 years while still producing some decent stuff later in this past generation.

I have a stupid reason to not like windwos 8? Because it over complicated an already simplified system? It tried to turn my PC into a tablet/smart phone. It didn't need to be that. I have no huge complaints about Windows 8, other than that 7 is better for a few things you may not care about - like the fact that in windows 8.. MEDIA PLAYER CANNOT PLAY DVD'S. It can in 7. That's a crying shame. Sure third party prgrams exist, but it's nicer to use the program you already have installed.

Everyone offers sales. Not everyone is just giving away free games (that's what they do on PlayStation Plus, incase you weren't aware).

Jaqen_Hghar1994d ago

Why would a user oppose Sony? A man has been gaming on Nintendo and Sony since PS1 and N64 (Nintendo for local MP aka SSB and Mario Kart and 3D Mario and Zelda while Sony always has new IPs as well as old favorites like GoW, Ratchet, and Sly). A man highly recommends it.

MariaHelFutura1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

No one uses Youtube?

I love when people start referencing themselves as other people or everyone. It's such a classic trick of the human mind, it says alot about a person.

Majin-vegeta1995d ago

Woah there nelly.You could easily get a heart attack like that.Now now breathe in and out.Now count to ten.Ok now start over with out a temper.

dcbronco1995d ago Show
MariaHelFutura1995d ago

"YouTube may be the number 3 site in the world and there may be thousands of hours of video games footage on it. But that doesn't mean people are viewing it"

You should probably just stop there before you embarrass yourself more than you already have by carrying the e-tone of a psychopath. I have no idea why you're calling me a hipster, but either way I would rather come of as a hipster than some crazy over emotional irrational psychopath in a thread on the internet about a gaming system.

AbsoluteZelda1995d ago

did you miss the point where I said I'm not a Sony fanboy, I'm a Nintendo one... and I didn't even own a ps3... but I owned a gaming pc, a wii, and a 360?

Recording videos and uploading them, along with social features, do not improve a game. What they do do, however, is take something I ALREADY DO (as do many others), and make it much easier to get done, likely in HD, without needing to buy extra components and run it through the constant rendering it takes on a PC.

Do people view them? Of course they do. Just look at the lets plays numbering in the millions of views. Yes, it doesn't apply to everyone (it doesn't apply to you, as an example), but for people that like that stuff... yes, it's a selling point.

AbsoluteZelda1995d ago

These boxes do far more than just play video games. If they can take the game I play and make it a more engaging experience with my friends through social means, that ultimately DOES make the game a better experience, because I can share that experience with my firends without them coming to my house. I can now play sessions with my best friend who is a hour and a half drive away and he can watch me play when he needs a break and give me tips, and vice versa.

Does that technically enhance the actual game? No. Does it enhance my experience with the game? Yes. It just made it social. While I'm at home by myself.

The exact power is not know. We only know about the 8gb of GDDR5, I will give you that, but unless they majorly undershoot the CPU and GPU, it's going to be a decent step up, and likely far above, what my PC can do. Worse case, it's up to par, which is plenty fine in my book.

I also mentioned all the exclusive games - in fact that was my very first point. I don't know how having a slew of games I like to play or want to play that are only available on one platform does not make that platform more enticing to buy. What would be the point, as an example, of buying a gaming pc if you want to play uncharted, god of war, killzone, little big planet, heavy rain... and the rest of the gang?

I can't GET those experiences on the PC, just like as a PC gamer I can't get the Total war series on a console, or Civ V, or World of Warcraft... etc. There are reasons to own each platform, and the biggest of them are the games they provide. So you can't just "dismiss it as fanboy crap" when, in fact, I'm not even a Sony fanboy - I can just take off the hater glasses and recognize that yes, the PS4 is going to have a lot of great exclusive content. So what's the problem?

Also, if you read the article, I did not dismisss the Next Xbox. My only diss was Windows 8. Otherwise I don't even talk about the Next Xbox, because we literally know nothing but rumors. That's it. At least I know it's 8gb GDDR5 in the Ps4. I don't know anything about the xbox until May 21st.

And yes, just because you can show me some numbers that prove Windows 8 is more efficient doesn't mean that's how it plays out. I had windows 7 on my PC. When I upgraded to windows 8, the first thing that I noticed? SUddenly, my computer was running slower. I had to go in and turn off a bunch of shit, and then run some optimization tools, to get it to run better than my windows 7 ultimate install.

So sure, maybe there are some raw tests showing how direct x 11.1 is better, how x hardware runs better with Windows 8... but that is NOT TRUE ACROSS THE BOARD.

Also, it's hard to just dismiss the GUI considering that's the #1 reason Windows 8 HASN'T taken off. People didn't like the change. It doesn't matter if you think it's meaningless. It's not to consumers. Just like the fact I mentioned I can't play DVD's now without VLC player, but I could in windows media player in Windows 7.

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MysticStrummer1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

"Fanboy rant"

Yup, that's what your post was all right. lol You actually think no one is using YouTube. That's hilarious.

OT - The one reason I need is Sony's track record with exclusive content. All the consoles have their own exclusives, but most of MS's don't appeal to me and most of the ones I did like made it to PS eventually anyway. Nintendo's exclusives appeal to me even less than MS's. It's all subjective but for me Sony has been the gaming company to beat for three generations, and indications are that next gen will be no different.

BitbyDeath1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

YouTube only got a measly 4 billion hits a day (recorded last year).

They be strugglin

Aceman181995d ago

no one uses youtube? dude you can't be serious with that question.

DigitalRaptor1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Oh dear.. how very, very embarrassing for you dcbronco. I don't NEED to repeat or come back with any rebuttal to this, but I'm guessing here, is....

Here is a MS/Xbox fanboy who is used to people sh*tting on PlayStation this whole generation and can't bear to see a Sony console getting praise for legitimate reasons and being in a strong position for the company and providing great things for gamers. Where are the PS4 shortcoming we've seen so far besides lack of backwards compatibility?

You're very insecure about something. Could it be the fact that MS won't have the advantages of Sony's weaknesses this generation? Likely.

Exclusives and PS+ : these things are positive points and ironically things that MS doesn't have. How are they fanboy points when they bring the gamer the games? I mean that's what we're in this jazz for, right?

And the YouTube comment. Oh man, how embarrasing...

There are entire numerous communities out there that dig watching gameplay videos and live streaming stuff. The YouTube gaming community is mammoth. If I can also see what my friends are playing, that interests me and it will interest many others regardless of your fanboyish predetermined "facts" about general interest in YouTube and other sharing means.

Sarobi1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

You care far too much about this, log into IRL for a change.

ziggurcat1995d ago

"Oh, God. Another dumb ass fanboy piece of ..."

oh, the irony...

Urzusix1995d ago

I love the fact that the ps3 is region fee =o oh yeah lets me play Gal*Gun, and window 8 is crap become they got removed the start button, you know that little aspect that made windows back in the 90s.

ger23961995d ago

Ok, we get it. Your not a playstation fan. So why do you troll these articles?

ps3_pwns1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

dcbranco why dont you just get a ps4 in the new gen. dont see why you wouldnt get one when everyone who is anybody is saying its gonna be awesome and a must buy. what is your logic in not wanting to get a ps4 when the logical decision is to get the ps4 at this point. with all the data and facts givin the ps4 is the new gen console everyone should get. untill next box is announced you all should be getting a ps4 end of the F'ing discussion.

@fermcr as of right now the only next gen console announced is the ps4 unless you want the wii u which has no multiplats and sucks the ps4 is the best option for gamers who like stuff like gta 5 and other big name multiplats like madden and such that will never be on the wii u. the ps4 is the console everyone who wants to do next gen gaming on consoles should get as of right now. now if microsoft announces a next box then you can start to say you have choices.

ps4 only next gen console to get end of story

kneon1994d ago

His logic for not wanting to get a ps4 is simple, it's not an xbox.

alb18991994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Almost no body use YouTube?

I stop reading exactly when you said that, wao!

By the way, as a gamer just because is the new play station is enough reason for me to buy it.

justrandom1994d ago

alb1899-Are you Albanian?Shqiptar je?

solidjun51994d ago

"Fanboy rant."

You're right about the "Fanboy" part.

Urusernamesucks1994d ago

MAn just shut the hell up, this trolling of yours Just got way out of hand and your making us look bad.

Take note ps fans, this lowlife does not represent us xbox owners.

fr0sty1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I'm so bored of these list articles that lay out a bullet list of reasons why someone's opinion about something is right... as if we're not capable of formulating our own opinions so we must have some armchair journalist hold our hand through the process.

"5 reasons why this machine sucks."
"5 reasons why this machine rules."

I've gotten to the point where I won't even read articles on N4G anymore if their title begins with a number, or the words "Why", "What", "Will", "Is", or "How".

It's always the same garbage rearranged a bit with a different topic, but same useless content detailing someone's personal opinion. They need to rename this place "fanboy soapbox", as it's becoming more and more cluttered with these kinds of articles and less populated with real news.

nosferatuzodd1994d ago

Wow the xbox radicals are really upset breathe kid breathe i know you're upset take it easy lol

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fermcr1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

There are still way to many unknowns regarding next gen consoles (PS4 and next Xbox). When i have all the relevant information then I'll make my decision in relation to witch console to purchase.

dcbronco1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


Now that makes sense. No fanboy reasoning. Good old fashion common sense. No need to use sheep think to try to rationalize it.


That is a comment I can respect. Again, no fanboy reasoning. Just pure personal preference without fanboy made up reasons. You should have written the article. You used your own opinion.


Same for you. You have a specific reason that is unique to you.

Any of the three mentioned above would be far more capable of writing a better article. Because each had their own reasons. Not the more exclusives BS that sales don't back up. Not the I hate Metro sheep movement. Not the rumors say the PS4 is more powerful because I selectively believe the rumors that fit what I want to be true reason. And not the I hate paying for online because I don't like paying for things that cost companies money argument. All of them had an individual reason. Bubbles to all of them.

@SDF Repellent & MikeyDucati1

Well said also.


DS4. Thank you for saying something different.

I personally have never liked the DS. I always liked the original PS1 controller.

elhebbo161995d ago

I dont want to be rude bronco but youre being a bit of a hypocrite. you say things like "No Fanboy reasoning" and shutting down all PS4 rumors yet in your other comment your talking about how the next xbox rumors point to it being better and more efficient than the PS4. If your gonna have a neutral "wait til real facts come out" opinion, then you might as well stick with it.

Jaqen_Hghar1994d ago

The only one acting like a fanboy is you sir.

dcbronco1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


If you think that than you aren't comprehending what I wrote. You get agreements from fanboys. Or others that don't comprehend either. My mention of the 720's ability is clearly in reference to peoples ability to ignore things we know are true because they don't fit what they want to be true.

The leak from last Summer that showed a system design with a BC chip, a systems APU and a gaming APU was confirmed by MS as an internal document. Yet Sony fanboys dismiss it because that would mean the 720 is actually more powerful than the PS4. There has been no verification of any other rumors. Yet every negative rumor of the 720 is talked about as fact. But the one thing that we know MS has been working on for the 720 has been dismissed. Only a fanboy does that.

Only fanboys and sheep believe that exclusives have made a difference. If they had, the PS3 would have passed 360 sales a long time ago. The PS4 is more powerful is based on ignoring the one thing we know is true. People not wanting to pay for Live comes from Sony fanboys. MS sells a ton of Live subscriptions is proof that it isn't a real problem. And Windows 8 is a far more efficient OS so only a fanboy would point to it as a problem. Writing articles should be based on the authors unique perspective. This was just another article based on the same rumors and stances that have been repeated over and over by people with a specific agenda. Otherwise know as a waste of time. So elhebbo16, you just don't get it.

My argument is that stupid articles based on nothing need to stop. People with new ideas need to write the articles. Not people just regurgitating the same slant we've all heard before. No matter which console they support. So Jaqen_Hghar I'n not being a fanboy. Unless by that you mean bored with people fishing for hits.

But I will say that if you and so many others like having someone tell you to keep your eyes curbside when they walk by, that's cool.


Something that makes the games more immersive was the killer for you? How does Illumiroom lose touch with the gamer?

Jyndal1995d ago

The introduction of the Illumiroom kinda sealed the deal for me. Microsoft has lost touch with the gamer base. Sony is the direction I'll be going.

josephayal1995d ago

Sony will always be my main console and always have my support

Rottenspacehead1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

only 1 thing that can make me buy it. A real socom us navy seals.. not that **** confrontation or Socom 4, but a real good sequal to socom 2.

ssj271995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Well the real devs are gone, so forget about it..
CONFRONTATION was my first online SOCOM and I loved it, but sadly very buggy and inconsistent :/ but a good game..

SONY say "we will see a Socom eventually but it will be threatened like they thread Sly Copper 4.. " so I will be waiting for a confrontation 2 to be made by a good enough developer and I know it will be a good unique game and it will please most fans .

In the mean time.. the PS4 has good games to keep me busy.

Jaqen_Hghar1994d ago

Works for a man as Sly 4 is his favorite one

hardcorehippiez1994d ago

i want slant six and guerilla games to get together and make a next gen socom. slant six nailed the controls on socom but it was ran off the ps2 engine so all the bugs and exploits of the original games were present with confrontation . if guerilla get with slant six the net code will be stable the graphics will be fantastic and the controls will be like socom originals. include all the maps and dont make a sequel just keep supporting the same game with new maps. this is what the socom community needs i believe so sony if your are listening make it happen..

ssj271995d ago

I'm the only one who is drilling to use the DS4?
And who is like me, having a hard time to decide witch game to strat playing first?

This is how to launch a console with good solid launch titles ..

I'm a KILLZONE fan and I got the feeling the campaign and Multiaplayer will be nailed to perfection.. but INFAMOUS Second Sons looks to fun to wait and is one of those games that once I start playing it engage you with their thrilling campaign and fun super power opend world gameplay.
Plus Driver Club looks fun to play with friends.. glad to have so many options.

emad-E-three1995d ago

Same as you so far i'll be getting these 3 with Watch_Dogs and Battlefield 4 but i can tell you the first game i'll be trying is the best Sci-Fi shooter KILLZONE SF :D

justrandom1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Me too.Oh man im 36 and thinking so many great games are coming in the future and i will be getting old and dont wanna die.:(
Dont know if anyone of you is close to my age and feels the same.Not that i feel old buy i have children i work and not much time to play so many games,I have also PS PLUS NA/EU damn you Sony.
P:S I understand that this is a forum about videogames discussing etc,but some of you seem too logic and smart and mature to go back and forth with comments .People just Ignore the non so bright(dbronco)human beens.Peace

ssj271994d ago

I think I will have to do that to..

I'm 28 and if you are aware of natural healing you should not be afraid of dying .. I heal my dad from cancer which is at a very high rate right now.. plus the way you heal or avoid cancer goes with healing any other disease .. which is a vegan diet.
You will live 100 years with it.. lol

Seriously if you want more info videos and where you can learn about it.. pm me I will hit you up with good links

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