Men’s Room Mayhem: “It was Clearly a Game That Just had to be Made"

Back when Men’s Room Mayhem was rated by the ACB for the PlayStation Vita, the name brought about many different thoughts as to what it might be. Nearly a month later, Ripstone and Sawfly Studios, who is made up of ex-Studio Liverpool devs (WipEout), have revealed that Men‘s Room Mayhem is a “frantic line drawing game based around men’s room etiquette.”

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ftwrthtx2047d ago

The title makes me think about the first SAW movie.

dbjj120882047d ago

It had to happen some time.

camel_toad2047d ago

I wonder if it has the creepy old guy that glances over at you while your peeing. Or the boss that insists on talking to you while you take a dump.

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