What Does the Next Chapter Entail for Soul Sacrifice?

Push Square: "Sony learned a lesson or two from Demon’s Souls. The platform holder actually helped From Software construct the cult title, publishing the release as an exclusive in Japan. However, the company passed on a western version, a decision that Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida rues to this very day. Following a successful localisation from Atlus, third-party outfit Namco Bandai partnered with the title’s developer to create multiplatform successor Dark Souls, a title that has sold over 2 million copies to date."

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sherimae24131997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

since sony own the demon souls ip, they should just revive it besides yoshida says they never sell their ips...

on topic, i hope in the sequel of soul sacrifice, there have to be a larger worlds or if they can make it an open world as possible, i think they should make it and if not just a bigger maps to explore and also more variety in common monsters

and also more bosses and more diversity in magics ^_^
anyway i thank inafune and sony for this great exclusive game for the vita.

admiralvic1997d ago

Well the DLC should help, though I am sad to say I am starting to reach the end... (already in the mid 60's)

bicfitness1996d ago

You're not nearly at the end. Once you beat Magusar, you open up Chapters 6-10 of the Avalon Pacts. Plus all the time trials. Then there's farming for whatever sigils, gear etc that you need. So much to do and not enough time!

kayoss1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I would like it if the next SS we can actually capture the monsters we fought (capture their soul if we decided to save them or if we decided to sacrifice them we can get rarer powerups and magic). That way we can use them as a summon to fight against tougher bosses. Imagine seeing a the whole screens with your entire team summoning monsters that they captured at the same time...EPIC. I would also like to have more than 4 co-ops at the same time. Another one i would like to see, if two players are close enough to each other, and when they cast a magic, the magic could fuse and become a stronger one. Example, When i perform magic where i turn into a boulder, my team mate would cast a fire spell and i become a boulder that is on fire.

LoveOfTheGame1997d ago

I would like to see a less forgiving consequence for when you decide which side arm to level up other than just some of current "experience" you gained on the opposite side go down some. I'm sure the penalty gets more severe as your level is higher but if they can get me into a debate every time I wanted to save/sacrifice someone would be interesting.

admiralvic1997d ago

Clearly you need to play the game more, since these choices do have other impacts.


- Bad ending (won't say more)
- New ally
- Different missions in branching paths
- Life Essence
- Different Rites
- Blood magic is usable
- More life, less power
- Heals you
- Costs you life to revive someone
- Rebellion storyline
- Divine sigil boost


- Good ending (won't say more)
- Different missions in branching paths
- Unlocks additional missions (might work for Divine, but I know killing someone on a missions where you need to save them unlocked a mission for me)
- More power, less life
- More casts
- Soul Essence
- Different Rites
- Doesn't give you AI allies
- Werewolf storyline
- Dark Sigil boost
- Special attack if you sacrifice an ally

Besides leveling, the power to choose affects so many other things. Like if you're not "dark enough", then you lose out on additional boosts from dark sigils or the boost from light sigils, plus a bunch of other things I mentioned above. The whole point of the game is to know "when to sacrifice and when to show mercy", which you probably haven't learned at your point. Come the later missions you'll see people lose because they choose to save someone (causing them to lose half their life) and others fail because they thought the boss was dying and killed a productive team member. You'll also see people uninterested in your goals (so if you want the save branching path, they might sacrifice it because they want the XP or vice versa) effectively screw you over for their own ambitions. It's really a deep concept if you actually look into it more than just "experience".

kayoss1997d ago

Dude how far did you get? It sounded like you beat the game. I still dont know how the Sigils work, how to level up my arm, how to level up my allies, and how to level up my sigil. All i know to do is fix broken rites and spell and leveling up too.

admiralvic1997d ago

@ Kayoss

Time Played 25 hours 25 minutes 24 seconds
Life lv 24 (I need the last rite, which requires level 40, so I've been dropping everything to do it)
Magic lv 44
Pacts fulfilled 174
Sacrifices 691
Saves 210
Dark Arm lv 4
Trophies 65% (all stories completed, including the 4 side ones and all pacts in Innocence - Pride completed with some random missions here and there.)

1996d ago