Grand Theft Auto V First Look | Machinima

Machinima: "I’ve been covering Grand Theft Auto for a lot of years, and there is little doubt that this one is bigger, badder, more explosive than ever before."

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BattleTorn1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

In the second video, with Adam Kovik, he said there hasn't been any word about whether there is even MP..

I saw another preview today say that jumping in and out of MP is as simple as down on the D-pad.

And that your MP-avatar is the forth qautrant on the character-selection-wheel. (ie Michael/Trevor/Franklin/MP-ava tar)

KillrateOmega1999d ago

Rockstar has outdone themselves with this one :)



i usually don't like to jump the gun, but i am with you on this. I dare say, this could be better then any next gen game.

I mean sure they will look better and have lots of wonderful high tech stuff going on, but in terms of gameplay and content. it almost makes me wish this was just on next gen.

Watch dogs looks awesome but in terms of gameplay gta really has my full attention now. wd will prob have to sit back.

KillrateOmega1999d ago

Same here, man. I can't help, but wonder how incredible this game would be if they had made this for the next-gen. We'll eventually get a GTA for next-gen, but still.

This is definitely a great way to finish off this gen though :)