Kotaku: GTA V Preview - I've Seen Grand Theft Auto V. This One's Radically Different.

Kotaku:The things that stick out to me about Grand Theft Auto V are not the major things I was supposed to focus on when I saw the game in action at Rockstar HQ this week. But I'll tell you those smaller things first, anyway.

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Prcko2086d ago

The Rockstar guys also told me how huge the game is and all that's in it. Well, some of what's in it: military bases, beaches, mountains, rivers, meth dealers, biker gangs.... the whole map is open from the start. Biggest weapons list ever. Biggest vehicle list, many of them customizable for looks and performance. Cars. Trucks. Motorcycles. Bicycles. Jet fighters. I saw a jumbo jet in the sky.

''Can we fly that? Not sure, probably not''
sarcasm :DDD

_-EDMIX-_2086d ago its pretty much confirmed to not be on a single 360 DVD9? LOL!

Glad they got that crap out of the way.

GTAIV....worst...GTA....EVER "comic book guy voice"

xPhearR3dx2086d ago

Not really. RDR was massive and was on a single disc. L.A. Noire was the only one on multiple disc due to the face technology. Making an open world game on multiple disc is not the greatest idea ever. The 360 has been out for so long now, I'm sure Rockstar can find ways around keeping it to one disc.

Bigger game world doesn't always mean more disc. Skyrim proves that by clocking in at less than 4GB. For all we know, Los Santos could be as big as all three islands in GTA IV, and the country side making the map as big as they say it is by re-using the same textures. This would allow R* to keep it to a single disc just like Skyrim did.

Swiftcricket2086d ago


Not saying they haven't found a way to fit it on one disc, but just letting you know they confirmed the size to be 3 and a half times that of RDR.

omi25p2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Grand Theft Auto IV was incredible. Its still the best Modern world Free roamer this generation

ArtificiallyYours2085d ago

I can't take anything you said seriously after that comic book guy reference. :U

SolidStoner2085d ago

as much as I want GTA5 on my ps3, I just wish to play it on PS4! I still dont know will or will not GTA5 be avalible on PS4... but it has to be, just cant imagine how those old consoles could handle that amount of stuff.... I can imagine great gameplay and decent looks... damn but we know it can look alot better nowdays!

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Unicron2086d ago

Any of the previews talk about how it controls? The shooting in GTA is usually crap, so I'd like to know if they improved it.

animegamingnerd2086d ago

its been stated in other previews that the shooting is like max payne 3

SemRex2086d ago

The IGN preview said the shooting looked more like Saints Row 3. Don't really know what that means though.

Unicron2086d ago

Hmm, interesting. Thanks guys.

cyguration2086d ago

It's running on the same tech that powered GTA IV and Max Payne 3, it's even using Max Payne 3's weapon models, bullet dynamics and character reaction physics from Euphoria.

IGN would be pretty stupid to say it's like SR3 when GTA V is running on MP3's weapon physics base, which in turn was running on a modified version of the GTA IV Euphoria base.

mochachino2086d ago

Just hope the guys aren't bullet sacs like in Max Payne

SilentNegotiator2086d ago

Less terrible comedian videos, more interesting over world, I hope.

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