GameInformer- Preview:Touring The Open World of Grand Theft Auto V

GI:Rockstar gives us a new look at the expansive territory gamers can explore in the latest GTA game

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Pintheshadows1999d ago

Excitement overload. This looks fantastic. I'm not a 4 hater but I can see why some dislike it (although TLaD and Gay Tony addressed alot of those issues) but this looks like it should appease those fans.

brodychet1999d ago

What a great read with unique screenshots. This game is already my GOTY.

StraightPath1999d ago

sounds amazing! this game will probably be the swansong of this generation.

Sketchy_Galore1999d ago

The way they describe this it's hard to believe they're not seeing a next-gen version. I am officially hyped.

josephayal1999d ago

def the best game of the generation